Monday, 31 December 2012

This year!

This was an unusual christmas for me I must say .. normally I'm running round like a headless chicken, hot and flustered and slightly moody because lack of help .. but I missed that this year ... I'm more than peeved at the way I feel and I really feel deprived of my normal christmas feelings!!!! I missed all the frantic shopping and craft markets that I so love to frequent .. I missed all the last minute dashes to the shops .. I felt really deflated!
The family (well those that talk to me!!) were fantastic and The Blue One's cooked a fantastic lunch christmas day ... but it doesn't stop the feeling of unhappiness I'm experiencing at the moment ..I think back to October when I was half a pound short of the my 3 stone weight shed, I was walking a good 2 miles plus a day and I was feeling good ... will I get back to that this year? I know of two people who've had 'tummy' related surgery and they've taken well over a year to recover! Surely not!  But yes it seems they have! I can't wait that long ... That's too far away .. I want to be able to plan a summer holiday, I want weekends walking by the sea, I want our daily walk back .. not this shuffling about holding my tummy and sitting down every 5-10 mins because I hurt so very much! That's not me!!! I want to be back at the top of my mountain .... I'm finding this very hard!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Waiting ...

... for my babes to come home after being away for a few days with their Father .. I do miss them when they're not here .. though it is always nice having grown up time with Big Blue One!  xxx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas time ...

The day started with The Littles knocking on our bedroom door at 7:55,
and in they came with their stockings from Santa! Bless.

Big Blue One's parents arrived at nine and by about 10:30
all the presents were opened!

The Blue Ones cooked the meal, brilliantly... roast turkey, pigs in blankets,
chipolatas, roast potatoes & parsnips, stuffing balls, broccoli, peas and a
carrot, swede and potato mash.
All served up with lashings of luscious gravy (made with naughty cream
and wine I was told!!!), cranberry sauce, crackers, and good conversation!

Little Pink One was the perfect hostess and all I could do was
sit and supervise.
We all sat and chatted and had a lovely afternoon ...

Happy Christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2012

My babies ...

...are so growing up...
no longer do we put out the reindeer dust so Santa can see it glistening and find his way up to the front door...
no more listening to a reading of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" before bed...
no more putting out carrots for the reindeer, mince pies and milk for Santa!
What replaced it this Christmas Eve .. was me trying to play them this version of Twas The Night Before Christmas that I'd grown up with ..and the two of them arguing over the chocolate Little Blue One hadn't taken out of the calendar, that he said Little Pink One could have, her saying she didn't want it and him shoving it down the front of her top! Needless to say that didn't go down very well ....
Still the evening had a nice feel to it, we played family games on the Wii and also laid the table ready for Christmas Lunch!

  The pressies surrounded the tree ..

The evening flew by, suddenly I noticed it was 11:30 .... Bed!!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

My birthday!

.... arrived on the day when the world was supposed to end (it didn't!).

We all got up a bit early so we could open the pressies together

then the Littlies went off to school ..

 We had a couple of deliveries while they were at school .. One for some lovely flowers and chocolates from the Littlies,
 the second for a fab bunch of purple flowers from Big Blue One .. what a lucky lady!

 Because it's the end of term, the Littlies finished school at 1:00 and therefore we were all able to go out a cheeky spot of lunch at The Windmill .. very nice!  Yummy food!!  Once again too many syns to think about!

One happy 46 year old!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dear oh dear!

Little Blue One's only gone and made gorgeous mince pies, brandy butter lids with a cheeky glace cherry!  Wonder how many syns?!?!?!  Nice!

Monday, 17 December 2012


I got to pop into Sw today .. It was so lovely seeing everyone, though, not weighed in, cos I still need to get better and be able to drive myself regularly!
It was the Christmas party so a 'party food' tasting session, a quick image therapy and a massive raffle ... Christmas happiness all around but for some angst ( too much tempting food on offer over the Christmas period!).

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Family weekend ....

The Littlies went off ice skating with their Dad Saturday .... Little Pink One slipped hurting her already bruised knee .. but carried on. Once again the weather was on their side! A lovely sunny day!
Us biggies got ready for the arrival of my Dad and step Mum.
It was great when they arrived because I really needed cheering up.
The Littlies then went to see the film The Hobbit and their Dad dropped them off on the way back ..
We had a smashing tea altogether of sheperds pie, roasted vegetables, brocolli and for dessert trifle and christmas pudding!  Yummy! Though my Dad does have a habit of making rich food ... lots of butter, fat and cream! Naughty but oh so tasty!!!!
An evening chatting, watching telly and just being together!  Lovely!

Sunday we all went across to my sister's  ... what a super time ... Great Nephew's growing so quickly (he'll be 2 in 2 weeks time!) and he's in to everything .. a little dynamo ~ he doesn't stop!!!! Gorgeous little thing!
They cooked a massive rib of beef for lunch and we had it with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds, brussels(yuck!),  vegetables and gravy ( my Dad is the gravy master!!!), and a Claygate trifle for pudding! (forgotten about those!) ... we all have a real hoot together!
During the afternoon we just chilled .. keeping an eye on Great Nephew and then sadly we had to leave as the Littlies had homework to do ... I love my family!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Scan results .....

... came in the post this morning ...  "No post operative problems identified.  Everything seen on the scan is consistent with the recent surgery that you had and in particular there was no sign of any internal hernias or twists in the bowel.  As a result of this I would expect that your abdomen would continue to settle over the coming weeks and months and that no surgery is indicated."   Must just be adhesions then that are giving me all the pain! January I've got a flexible sigmoidoscopy to look forward too!!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How lovely ..

... had the SW Christmas meal today at The Barley Mow ... it was lovely to see everyone and the food was good .. I'd pre ordered the melon to start and the beef for the main ... cor! it was tasty ... and I had the biggest yorkshire pudding I'd ever seen!!!! Didn't eat my brussels ~ they're evil!!!! LOL!
I've not done much today ... but oh was my tummy hurting by the end of the evening .. shame really as towards the end I was getting fidgety and not really listening to my friends as I was trying to get comfy ...
Ho hum!
It was lovely to come home and see what had been going on while I was out .....

Monday, 10 December 2012

Done ..

.... now all I have to do is wait for my results ..
I had to go and sit in the Mulberry Suite and drink, over a two hour period, 2 pints of squash with something in it .. then wander down to the CT Scan department ... Ouh! I was busting for a wee by then!!!! Anyway quick strip, gown on and onto the couch, find a vein and pop in a canula (wasn't expecting that!)...
The machine pulled me in and out a couple of times with me holding my breath, then the nurse came back in and held my arm straight while the warm liquid was injected .. now that's weird because you feel the warmth spreading then (for girls only) it makes you feel like you've wet yourself!!!!!LOL!
So another pop in and out but this time holding breath for longer!  Done!
Off to change and a nice cup of tea and a sit down because I'd had the injection!!!!
I called Big Blue One to say I'd finished then bumped into my Consultant ... who said he either get the results tonight of tomorrow morning watch this space!
Big Blue One came with The Littlies due to needing to be at piano at 6:00 ... after that, and because Tesco had sent me a money off voucher, we went to Pizza Express for tea!
I had chicken something (can't remember what) but it was richer than I thought it would be reading the description.. tasty but I could feel my tummy complaining not too soon after leaving! Bloomin' bloomin'!
Up till 1:30 tonight!!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Whey hey!

Well I finally got my date for the scan ... Monday! Yipee!
It's a long old process .. arrive at 2:30 for the prep., then go for scan at 4:30 .. not sure what the prep involves though .. but it should be interesting ...
Hopefully this will let us know what's going on inside and why I'm still so very uncomfortable!

Went to my art group today, which was lovely ... but had a couple of naughties ..a small sausage roll , thanks Jane, a mince pie, a mouthful of bucks fizz, then was given another mince pie to take home!!! Cor! They were yummy, actually I'm not a fan of mince pies but these were tasty, thanks Lesley~!
Started my Linseeds today .. 3 teaspoons mixed in with my Muller Light yogurt and washed down with a glass of water ....
Pasta and sauce, half a sausage and mixed salad for lunch ..
Beef in the slow cooker for tea ...

No wonder my tummy really is sore now! Too much done!

Monday, 3 December 2012

I really really hope not!

Can't help but worry that the worse case scenario (another op in a few months) is going to happen to me and all I think about is pain and going back to the horrible hospital ..
I dream about the older people on the ward .. like the man not even on our ward who walked up and down every 20 mins or so to check the doors but got really audible whenever questioned to the point of violence.
Or the sweet, little, old dear two beds away from me, who, I woke to one evening with her standing over me playing with my morphine pump saying it's alright Dear I'm a nurse and I'm only here to help you!
Or the funny, lady diagonally opposite who kept thinking her dog Rosie was either in the bed side cabinet opposite her or under my bed so kept pulling out her drips to come and find her and either losing her balance and falling on the poor, truly ill, patient in the bed next door or knocking water and stuff flying round the ward and who too was very very audible when helped back to her bed! Mind you she did come up with some funny stories about having curry for breakfast, which was delicious. Or the bishop coming and taking her to the bathroom and making her get undressed! All the same when she got 'confused', as a poorly person, she was scary to me!
Or the tiny, crumpled little lady next door that lay in her bed and through the night would shout out the same thing for hours on end .. 'help me please', or 'Mother I'm sorry', or 'I just want to play' or 'fee fi fo' or 'where's my bicycle'  ... hours on hours of that is very depressing especially 'help me please' which the nurse took no notice of! ...
Or the really noisy man in the room across the way that seemed to ring his bell every few mins and when the nurses didn't respond straight away he'd start shouting and become abusive so everyone on the ward could hear!
The nightmares of sharing a bathroom with a stoma patient and going to the toilet to find flick bits of poo and gunk round the sink where the bag had been cleaned out!
Or the really uncomfortable beds, the noisy apron dispensers, the tepid, wet food, the rounds of having bloods taken, cannulas cleaned, drip alarms and lots of noise!
I know this isn't the end of the world (that's happening on my birthday apparently!) and may seem very silly .. but none of these things were helpful on the route to getting better and these things are in my mind and I have nightmares about my time spent in hospital... I so don't want to go there again!!!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunny Sunday Skating ...

.. Cold but sunny today .. Little Pink One and Big Blue One had to whizz into town to do some history homework for Little Pink One. I'm feeling very down at the moment and am really fed up with this uncomfortable feeling!!!
Then all of us popped out to a massively busy HGL for a 1:00 ice skating slot.  What fun .. the Littlies took to it straight away .. a few laps to warm up,

then off they went, Little Pink One a bit more cautious than Little Blue One!

They did have a good time and the weather was indeed perfect ..

A warming hot chocolate and jacket potato with beans to round off the afternoon ...

Friday, 30 November 2012

Well that wasn't the news I'd hoped for!

My trip to see the consultant today didn't give me the news I wanted!
I'm, once again, in the minority by not healing as quickly as I should ...
He wants me to have a scan to see if everything is where it should be!!!  He thinks the pains I'm getting are from where the small intestine might be adhering to things it shouldn't (like my big intestine!) ..
Apparently he did take my large and my small intestine out and then push them back in!!!!
Seems funny to sit there talking to a man in a suit who'd had all my innards out on a table!!!!!  LOL!
So I'm to still take it easy, take my painkillers and wait for the scan and then go and see him re the results!  Could be happier!!!!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quiet day ..

... today ... needed to rest up a bit! 
Got some painting done though, which I'm pleased with!

The Littlies are looking forward to the Advent calendar starting on Saturday ... I need to get that sorted!
Hmmmhhh! Chocolate!!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

..There's more ..

... can you believe after my yummy meal last night with the SW Social Team, who it was so lovely to see! ... today I went out and was a 'lady that lunched' with two gorgeous ladies to The Windmill ... it was scrummy food and they do these lunchtime deals .. One course for £5, two for £9 three courses for £12!  Cor we were stuffed and happy when we'd finished!
I'm shattered now .. two days of being social and I'm done in!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Grey days ....

.... but lovely visits ... I've had coffee with lovely ladies twice this week and it's only Tuesday!  :-)  I'm very lucky to have such lovely friends!

The Littlies did piano last night, whilst I had a go at tea, but half an hour standing and my tummy started complaining! Bloomin' thing!!! Still Big and Little Blue One's took over once they'd returned!

Yesterday, Big Blue One also managed to sort out me seeing my consultant earlier than December 13th by using his private health care insurance ... my consultant's secretary spoke to him much nicer once she realised we were covered! She then even said, once she'd given me the appointment this Friday that she'd send us a parking pass too!!! Well it's another world if you pay for it!!! Same consultant, same me, same hospital, but chuck some money in their direction and suddenly I'm treated like a Queen!!!!! Hmmmh!

Tonight I'm off for my first christmas party that I've been to since I worked!!!! The SW social team curry! It'll be so nice to see everyone, I've really missed them all! 

Happy Days!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Floods ..

.. The Littlies off to their Dad's today.. he said the road was closed due to flooding, but he could drive through in his big car .. anyway us biggies went out to look at the floods across the causeway .. at least the flood plains are doing their job!  Only walked a little way really but oh was my tummy sore when we got back in the car!!!

Across the meadow

Towards the causeway.

The Dolphin Hotel car park. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Treat Saturday ...

We decided to treat ourselves today to afternoon tea at Sophie T's ... we've had a horrid few weeks and it was just so nice, to go somewhere as a family and sit, chat, chill, be happy and eat yummy food:
Cream tea for me (goodness knows how many syns .. but today I wasn't counting!).

Cheese Ploughmans for Big Blue One.
Scrambled eggs on toast for Little Pink One followed by a massive wedge of chocolate cake (Big Blue One helped finish it off!).

Tuna mayonnaise sandwiches for Little Blue One followed by a massive wedge of chocolate cake (Big Blue One helped finish it off!!!!!).

It was a really rainy day so the windows were all steamed up and a warm cosy feeling greeted us which was super.  We had a lovely time ..

In the evening had a family get together at the in-laws with Big Blue One's Aunt, Uncle and cousin all celebrating BA's birthday, a lovely evening!

ps.  It's my Mum's 70th today ... wonder if she had a good day or if she liked my pressie I sent!!!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Nurse has signed me off ...

.... for my wounds, BUT, the doc isn't sure if I should be this uncomfortable still, anyway, she had the nurse take bloods. She then redressed the bottom end of my big scar and told me to leave it on for a couple of days and told me she didn't need to see me again.
The results of the swab were finally in .. I did have diphtheroids there, but the antibiotics probably cleared that infection up! Hurrah!
So, watch this space for more exciting adventures of my swollen, misshapen tummy!

Lookin' good!!!!!!

Right .. note to self ~ stop eating malted milk biscuits!!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

So nice ...

... to see three lovely ladies from my painting group, who took the time to come and see me after today's class bearing sandwiches, flapjacks, flowers and naughty chocolates (tee hee!).
We had a jolly good chat and a giggle!
Thanks for that Helen, Lesley and Christine. You cheered me up!  xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

4 weeks ...

... since the operation and the first and smallest wound had lost it's scab and has healed! Yipee!  One down three to go!

Big Blue One had to go to the office today so I hit the watercolours ... nice!

Today I've been eating eggs .. dippy ones for breakfast and egg mayonnaise wrap for lunch ..
Tea will be low fat sausages, beans ans chips (not SW as my tummy hurts if I stand too long!)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday moans ..

... the alarm went off far too early I'm sure this morning!!!!!
Anyway Dad left early, just after the Littlies had gone to school as he was feeling unwell.
I had another appointment at the surgery for them to check out my wounds and change the dressings ...

Getting there. Came home minus dressings on the far left top scar and the far right middle scar!

all good on the scar front but was told to come back Thursday and see not only the nurse but the doctor too, as still not sure about my tummy pains! Ho hum!
Piano tonight for The Littlies ... then who knows what for tea!!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lovely to see ...

... my Dad and Step mum today .. they were in the next county at a christening and have stopped here for the night as the drive back would have been too much!
 PR Massala for tea! Yum!  Salmon tikka, rice and shared a naan ...
Been a lazy day for me, sitting in bed, drinking tea, reading ... giving my tummy a rest ..
I think it helped, for gravity certainly adds to my pain when I stand for any length of time!!!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Too much???

All I did today was get up, get in the car, get out the car, walk a short distance, get in the car, get out the car, sit, drink tea, eat bread, get in the car, get out the car, climb 13 stairs ~ slowly, sit, eat low fibre meal (thanks to my lovely in-laws for making special meals just for me!), sit, walk down 13 stairs ~ slowly, get in car, get out car, climb stairs to bed! But oh was my tummy hurting today!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fry Day!

Went to see the nurse at the surgery again today .. had dressings changed ... told to come back Monday, but if anything hurts anymore to call after hours doc or go to A&E! Hmmh!
Dropped The Littlies off with their Dad via cambridge to see:

King's Parade, Street-side of King's College Chapel

If you could witness the creation of the universe, what might it be like?

Imagine a perfect, static grid of dots. Slowly, one dot moves. The dots around it shift. In what appears to be a chain reaction, the side of King’s College chapel is transformed into a pulsating and swaying collection of particles. The sound conjures electronic birds or spectral dust. Every 15-minutes, the projection repeats the progress from order to chaos, with alien sounds. But each sequence of sound and light is subtly different, generated by algorithmic computer code.

Plenum is inspired by scientific and religious accounts of how our world came into being and how the cosmos maintains life. The installation was created by artist Simeon Nelson with a real-time algorithmic image and sound by Nick Rothwell and Rob Godman.

King's College

Very interesting, slightly weird, but good!

Soft fish and chips for tea! Bit greasy and not at all SW.. but needs must!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ups and downs ...

... that really put a strain on my tummy!  We had Little Blue One's parents evening.  8 teachers in different locations and a lot of steps!!!  That was ouchie!!!!!
Still glad and very proud to report that he's doing incredibly well bless him!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

All consumimg ...

.. this is my life at the moment ... I sit all day feeling the pain of my tummy and I dream at night of my horrid time in hospital!  That's it!!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


.. Couldn't put it off any longer .. had to go and see the nurse and see if I was where I should be on the recovery scale!
21 days since the op, my stitches leak at the bottom and my tummy hurts constantly, sometimes ranging from general achiness to stabbing pains!!! Not fun! I'm just sitting waiting for my next painkillers!!!!
Well .. she called the doctor in to have a prod and a poke .... and between them they decided that, even though what I had done was major,  I shouldn't be in that much pain .. so stronger painkillers .... and
my wounds needed cleaning swabbing, re-dressing and antibiotics were prescribed ....
Have to go back Friday! Ho hum!

And how much is to to get medicine these days .. £7.95 per item!!! Gosh! Can I afford to be ill at that cost!!!!!!
Mince for tea ... might it be chilli or pasta bake .. Big Blue One will decide!
Little Blue One's cooking a banana loaf ...

Can't turn it .. sorry!

While laying, tummy exposed, on the nurses couch .. I was pondering with Big Blue One about how at 10:20 in the morning my tummy was doing its hungry grumble, having eaten, at 8:30, a big bowl of Frosties .. but when eating a high fibre diet, I could last a lot longer before eating again! Just goes to show that high fibre certainly keeps you fuller for longer!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A lovely surprise ...

.. The Littlies have gone off with their Father for the weekend .. and us Biggies settled down to catch up on some of our TV recordings ...
My tummy still is very sore and uncomfortable .. not sure if this is right or not ... I'm guessing that all the while I'm sporting bruises on the outside the inside might still be 'bruised' and therefore sore!!!! Who knows, and who does one consult on such matters?!?!?!
Anyway up turns our gorgeous niece who we haven't seen for about 4-5 years! What a surprise .. she's grown into a pleasant, beautiful woman .. and we all sat and chatted for ages, it was lovely to see her!
More eating of crud today .. I really must get to grips with this all!!!!  Just not in the right frame of mind .. can't seem to think past the pain  ... not good!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Full nights sleep!

Yeah! The first full nights sleep for 3 weeks! Bliss!

I think the novelty of having an invalid in the house is wearing off for my three ... Sighs, moans and funny looks are creeping in!  Can't blame them though ... a full day at work or school then running round after me ... cooking, washing up, picking up! Bless them! They've been FAB through all this nasty business!

I did a naughty thing this morning and weighed myself ... hmmmh! 7lbs lighter than last time I weighed in at SW .. wonder how that compares to the SW scales!!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I was wondering ...

.. how long after a major operation does one still expect to be hurting????  Only it's 16 days since I was opened up and I'm still uncomfortable and get occasional hurtie pains!!!!

Anyway, for a change of my four walls, and to see all my painting buddies Big Blue One drove me to, and settled me into my art group. I was jolly glad to see everyone again and we had our usual giggle, which was lovely .... I was also chuffed with my progress on my picture ...

More high protein, low fibre food for tea .. wonder what Big Blue One will do tonight!
Well actually ... the Littlies did tea ... Little Pink One made tomato soup and Little Blue One made chicken korma with rice! Both dishes were yummilish!  xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wacked out ....

.. and all I did was walk to the post box 5 mins away! Took me about 20 mins today!
This morning ... after showering we changed all my dressings ...
The bloomin' big drain hole's still wet .. bumsie!

But lookie at my scar ....

Looking much flatter and less like a stuffed and trussed loin of pork!!! Tee hee!

Hope the nurse did manage to get all the staples out of my bottomless pit of a bellybutton, but who knows .. I didn't want to dig around there and will wait, I think, until the plug of blood drops out! Nice!!!!

Saw my best friend for coffee today .. she's so lovely and listens while I dribble on! Bless her! I really  enjoy her company ....

Looking at my meal plans today too .. this low fibre diet I need to follow for the next 6 weeks is really totally the opposite of the SW plan ... this is going to be hard!!!!

One thing I had forgotton ... how delicious creme caramel is!  Naughty me!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Wow! What happened there ....

So, Friday 19th October, wandered down into town for a lovely pot of tea and a chat with my super lovely friend Ali, back home and all of a sudden .. BLAM!... a massive pain right at the bottom of my stomach!
Really bad Ladies pains??? Hot water bottle, bit of a sit down???  Well that didn't work and by the time the littlies had got home from school I was waiting for the doctor to ring me ..
She slipped me in to see her and sent me straight away to A & E with a covering letter to the house surgeon!  X-rays and CT scans later and A&E decided I had ruptured some part of my intestines and air had got into spaces where it shouldn't be!  I was to be admitted (in lots of pain by now as my chest was hurting as well due to not eating ... I think these pains come from my lack of my gall bladder!) and kept under observation.
The next 12 days were a bit of a morphine, pain, sickness, blur! I was really scared, hated the nights, hated the constant sickness, the constant pain, the constant unhappiness of being in a horrible place away from my little family that I love so very much.
The nurses, don't get me wrong, were fantastic, caring, compassionate but oh so overworked .. when I was able to really watch what they were up to I marveled in their dedication. There are just not enough of them! I'd see them come on at the beginning of their 12 hour shift, watch them run themselves ragged, caring, really caring, for us in the bays then see them drag themselves off, sometimes nearly in tears of desperation, at the end. They truly were the Angels on the ward. Some nurses not so much, but, that's the way the cookies crumble! Then I'd see the junior doctors, lots of them, swanning in the corridors, looking like models and clumping round your bed .. laughing nervously at some crud comment made by the consultant, or swarming round the phlebotomist like bees round the honeypot, then walking away pleased as punch when given an 'easy vein' person to try out their 'skills' on! Squeals of excitement!  Ask them a grown up question about anything and they adopt the 'rabbits in headlights' look and say 'have to get back to you on that'! They never did, and they were rubbish at getting my blood! And in the same vein where was a doctor when you needed one ... a five hour wait the lady in the bed opposite me had when she was having a terrible time with all her drains and tubes .. then when he finally turned up, expected her to be lying waiting for him and got cross when she said she needed the loo!  Where do all these doctors go?!?!?!?
My consultant was fab, he did his rounds, checked me out, talked to me and seemed really caring, not so high, mighty and above us unwashed humans on really uncomfortable beds! So for that, I thank him!
His registrars or what every they are, were not so .. no easy language from them .. but, highly technical terms sprang from their lips like reciting the medical journal and when, while in a morphine drenched, nervous, scared, frightened state, he spoke me through my consent form I really didn't understand what I was consenting too! So you can imagine my utter degeneration into tears when in the anesthetics room being prepped for surgery my consultant came in and reiterated the three possible actions that might happen once they 'go in'! 
1) Exploration and out (keyhole) 
2) Exploration, finding something and open fully! (not keyhole!)
3) Exploration, finding something and open fully!..cut large intestine, join together via a bag! .....
"Sorry! What was number 3???   A bag?   What do you mean??"
"A bag that we leave on until the intestine is well enough to be joined properly .. usually stays on between 6~9 months! The Registrar told you didn't he?"
"Er no! .. I think I would have remembered that!"  ...  I'd heard all manner of horrid things about 'poo bags'.
"A stoma , he must have told you about it.. didn't he???"
So he checks the consent form ...
"He did .. it's there .. stoma ...."
"Yep, of course, a stoma, silly me, I should have know what one of those was!!!" I had thought it was like a stent but for the tummy area!
"We could get the stoma nurse to come and talk to you!" (Turns out the hospital hasn't got one!)
Anyway after that conversation I was taken back to my bay as something had broken down in the theatre!
About an hour or so later I was wheeled back ...
When I finally come round .. I ended up with option 2! For that I was so very thankful!

The consultant said I had a perforation of the sigmoid, probably secondary to diverticular abscess.

Sorry! Can't turn this round ~ should be top to bottom!!

Right, back in my bay and very sore now ... Really teary (thanks nurse Jacquie for all your great hugs!), drains, catheter, cannulas falling off both sides made every thing really difficult!
Each time another 'accessory' was taken off me I felt a tincy bit happier!
The drains were awful ... the pain rose with the diameter of the tube itself and I managed to get myself, quiet rightly so it turns out, into a terrible old state when it was time for my biggest and final drain to be pulled out!  That really was horrendous.. and I was sobbing on about why do they (the surgeons) put us through all this pain and discomfort and then not let us (the patient) take anything or anesthetise the area. The tube that was left in was so long I could feel it dragging through my stomach... it felt like it came from my toe!!!! Awful!
Each day I had to, much to the Littlies hilarity, monitor my stools and write it down on the Bristol Stool Form Scale! What a hoot!
Finally allowed home Thursday 1st November, the hospital took well over 9 hours to discharge me .. during which time me and hubby saw the nurses stretched to the extreme once again ... to me, it's quite scary the state the NHS had gotten in to!

Boy, was I glad to be home!

I want to dedicate this long post to my family and friends who came and cheerfully sat by my side, through my morphine induced ramblings when all I probably talked was rubbish!  Firstly, my really truly wonderful husband who was there every day, holding my hand, loving me with all his being, wishing I was anywhere but there.   My gorgeous Littlies, bless them, who tried to not look scared and who were shipped from pillar to post without complaint and who wanted hugs whenever they could!  My great friend Ali who's cheerful face and banter jogged me along on many a day and kept me up to date on all the gossip!..and her gorgeous daughter for her Get Well Soon card  xx ..  My Dad and Step mum who came from miles away, called nearly every day and who took the Littlies away for a fun couple of days. My SW friends, Linda & Jenny who snuck in SW bars, for when I was better, and good trashy magazines! LOL!
My lovely  Rita who wasn't gonna miss seeing how I was, but was gutted when a cold kept her away, we had lots of phone chats though.  My big sister who visited with her hubby and my beautiful niece, and waited patiently while I visited the toilet!!!   My wonderful in-laws who called my husband every day and who came to see me even though he hates hospitals and  my neighbour and friend who came bearing silly goodies to make me smile.

Remember .. these views are just how I saw it! xxx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hard work ...

... getting up this morning ... my 'get up & go' had obviously 'got up & gone' without me! Even after two coffees and an Alpen Light bar!!!
Still off to painting group and I started a lovely painting, still of The Priory Garden, but, a lot closer to the waterfall ...

Back home and a quick banana ...
Now for lunch .. SW Quiche and salad with salad cream (1 syn) and a 2 mile walk round the park!
A big cup of yum chai tea (5syns) and wait for the Littlies to get home from school!
Nearly missed the hair appointment for Little Blue One .. that was close!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Finish a picture???

Another badish night not only with coughing but with the lashing rain!!!! It did wake me up!!!
Anyway today I'm going to try and finish my painting so I can start a different one at class tomorrow!
An Alpen Light, a banana and a couple of cups of coffee in my tummy ... off I go!
A walk along the Guided bus route at lunch time ...

.. was lovely ....

Back home for SW quiche and a pile of salad, salad cream(1 syn) bit of bread (4 syns)
and a nice cup of chai tea (4.5 syns).
Finished off my picture

Now off to do pork with apple and onion for tea! Yum!   Some syns involved just not too sure how many .. so I used 4 then 2.5 on an Activia greek style honey yogurt! Delish!   I make that half a syn over!!!!

9650 steps!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Windy walks!

Cor! That was a bad night ... cough, cough, coughing!  Bit of a lay in this morning then downstairs to make my yummy magic pancakes ...
Went for a walk lunchtime .. 6 circuits of our park .. that's 2 miles thank you very much .. but my goodness it was WINDY!  Slowed us down part way round each time... all that wind resistance!  LOL!
The wind pushed us back home and I downed a mug shot to warm me up!
A cup of the yummy chai tea (4.5 syns) before the Littlies get home from school ...
For supper we had, in front of Eastenders (naughty!), chicken and pasta bake ... very tasty I thought!
Muller light for pudding!
Happy days!

8116 steps.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Thank goodness for that!

Weigh-in day! 

~ Coffee and water before weigh-in .. a bit of body magic setting up .. take a deep breath and let it out .. step on the scales .. wait ... wait ... 'peep' .... 4lbs off!  YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I'm so pleased .. my good week paid off .. now only .5 of a pound to go!
This week I'm going to be really good to smash my goal of a 1lb off and show myself that if I really put my heart and soul into it I can lose more weight!!!!
Alpen bar for a nibble, then more body magic packing everything away ..
Back home at 1:30 and salad for lunch .. with Batchelors curry rice and ham .. nice!
Newly discovered drink well worth the 4.5 syns, I think .. Spiced Chai Latte! Gorgeous! Wonder if they do a lower calorie version!
Still feeling poorly and run down plus with this bloomin cold I'm coughing lots in the night, which isn't good cos I really need my beauty sleep and don't seem to function as well if I don't get enough!!!
Come my 7 o clock evening class and I'm shattered!!!!
Salad and eggs before class with salad cream (1 syn) and melba toast (3 syns) and my Muller yogurt when I get back at 9:30!
Before bed mix my porridge oats with a Muller yogurt ready for SW magic pancakes in the morning !

5655 steps (not so good!)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday strolls ...

Sunday, The Littlies went off to their Dad's and us Biggies popped across to Ferry Meadows. We collected a few caches and clocked up four miles! It was a lovely day,

saw a few interesting things like this train all the way from Sweden

 and a massive (really massive ~  like thousands!!!) shoal of fish which was being harassed by a pair of ducks!!

This is definitely a place we will visit again. Munched on Alpen Light bars!
We collected the Littlies and went onto In-laws to spend the evening with them ... ham, jacket potato, cauliflower cheese (tiny bit to moisten my potato!)  and green beans. Followed by baked apple (4 syns for some reason!)

Happy Days!

12653 steps.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday lay in ..

... had a bit of one this morning, but was still feeling awful when I got up!
Coffee and Alpen Light bar and two yummy flu tablets!
A quick trip into town to look round the craft fair for the British Heart Foundation,  there were some nice things there and we all stopped and chatted with some of the stall holders (some chatted a lot more than others!!!).  Grabbed the others whatever they wanted from Greggs for lunch ... then back home to eat .. I had a Mug shot, melba toast (3 syns), dairylea triangles (3 syns) and ham... couldn't taste a thing!  LOL!
Little Pink One got picked up to go to her friends house ...
The rest of us took to the car for a trip round the garden centre ... to look at all the Christmas goodies, which we hadn't gone to on Thursday, as I really didn't feel up to it!.
Cringed at X factor in the evening! It was painful! LOL!

6524 steps.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Still yucky!

Ergh!  Still feel horrid .. missing two lots of social interaction today .. a lunch with some lovely ladies then a girly get together tonight! Sob! Bloomin' bloomin'!!!

So, here I am, hunkered down under my duvet, tippy tapping away on my keyboard feeling very sorry for myself .. must be man flu to feel this bad!!!

Two cups of coffee under my belt but not sure what I fancy for breakfast!   I had porridge (He) made with water.
Lunch was bresaola and mug shot!(not too hungry).
A quick mile walk to clear my fugginess .... and post a letter ...
25g of choc chips (6.5 syns) .. comfort food!!!!
More coffee and water and Diet Pepsi ....
Alpen Light bar (3 syns)
Tea?!?!?  Not sure yet! Little Pink One's at a friends ...
Took some flu capsules .. slice of bread (5 syns) with yet more coffee ...
For tea, as I was feeling so awful, we flew in a curry .. salmon tikka, boiled rice and salad for me ...
Oh and when Little Pink One got home I tried a spoonful of her cooking .. apple and sultana crumble! She got a 10,  well done her! (about 3 syns )
Little Blue One still feeling unwell ... bless him!

5850 steps.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Duvet day ....

... yesterday evening I was beginning to feel a bit throaty ... This morning .. I feel RUBBISH!  Headache, sore throat, ear ache, eye ache, neck ache! Bummer!
So, sadly, no painting group for me today, might get a bit in presently though.
Anyway ... dragged myself up, two cups of coffee, alpen light bar and a banana for breakfast.
Watched TV, Paul Martin's programme Handmade revolution.
Then quick pop to the shops to get ingredients for Little Pink One's cookery tomorrow,
snacked on melon and grapes and had ham, egg and SW chips for lunch.
Chicken fajita's for tea for everyone .. I might have a jacket potato!
Big Blue One not here for the day ... had to go into the office!  So I had to make my own cups of tea/coffee all day!!!! LOL!

4244 steps today .. you can tell I'm not well!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday wanderings ...

.. Wandered into town this morning to meet two of my lovely friends from SW .. we had a good chat, I had a chai tea latte (9.5 syns .. but so yummy!) and we had big hugs all round .. Bliss!
I then went on a search for swimming trunks for Little Blue One as he's doing it in PE .. hard to find this time of year I can tell you ...
Lunch was a big green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, Tesco ready to eat chicken tikka, salad cream (1 syn).
Because it's so lovely out there us Biggies went for a lunch time walk ... 2.16 miles in the warm .. that was nice!
The Littlies home from school and I needed to pop Little Blue One to the doctors,  he's now on antibiotics!
Little Pink One decided to go to the fair with friends, so at 6:30 we meandered down to meet her and have a spot of tea in Surf & Turf .. I had plaice stuffed with prawns, new potatoes, broccoli and a side salad. I had half a slice of brown bread (1.5 syns) and tried two of Little Blue One's mussels (2 syns)!
A lovely evening all together ....

12583 steps.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thinking about it ....

... I looked back on this blog and realised that a few very naughty things had passed my lips this week so no wonder I'd gained!!!!
I could have said, truly to myself, that I'd stayed on plan.. and I had .. but I'd just added things I shouldn't have ... a chip here and there, an odd crisp, the licking of the spoons, little things that add a lot!!!!
So .. today's a new day ..
Up, cup of coffee, shower, Alpen Light bar (He) and a walk into town .. a skinny latte(3 syns) and a chat with my bestest, and a walk back home! .. 4 miles thank you very much!
Stick the whole chicken in the slow cooker for tonight as the evening may be a bit disjointed!
A nice lunch of SW BBQ wedges, Quorn escalopes (7.5 syns), and mixed vegetables. Banana and diet Pepsi.
Cup of tea and another Alpen Light bar (He)...
5:30 off to Circuits for the larger lady and then a walk around the Michaelmas Fair.... with the Littlies!


I did Circuits!  It hurt!!!!.....
But we didn't do the fair ... the Littlies decided against it ... so we just had tea!  Chicken, baked potato and peas followed by a Muller yogurt!  Nice!

14555 steps

Monday, 8 October 2012


.... I really am .. I thought I'd had it in the bag ... but I didn't!
My three stone award has just moved 2lb further away!!!
I'd even chatted about it with Little Blue One last night and he'd said ... 'don't eat that cupcake you're getting your three stone tomorrow!!!'  ... But I didn't! ... So I did what any grown up wouldn't do .. I cried!  I cried because I really felt I'd let him down! .. And it hit me hard!
Anyway I put my smiley face on and got on with being pay lady .....
Quick chat at Image therapy and collected my SAS (slimmers against sabotage) log .. I need to fill it in every day, it's not just about the food I eat .. it's if I weigh it properly, syn it properly, plan it properly. It hi lights my weaknesses and generally, I hope, re-focuses me!!!

I got home, had lunch of left over SW quiches a SW scotch egg, salad and (measured) salad cream, then read this .. and it's always upset me that I didn't have many pics of me and my gorgeous Littlies .. so shed a tear over it!!!

Crying is really tiring!

The Littlies came home and what's the first thing Little Blue One asked me?????  'Well ~ Did you get it?'

Little Pink One called her BFF round to play as piano was cancelled ..
Same for tea as lunch apart from hard boiled egg instead of scotch egg!
I draged my tired body to my evening class and managed to stay awake for two hours and consumed a marshmallow, a wine gum and two squares of chocolate!
Back home, Littlies to bed, a sneaky Alpen Light Bar then bed!!!!!

6079 steps.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Afternoon tea? Don't mind if I do!

Up ready for the busy day of baking ahead!
My big Sister and her family were heading over for afternoon tea ...
Little Pink One had made her flap jack on Friday evening but was making choc-chip cupcakes.

Little Blue One made mini victoria sponges and cheese scones
I made SW quiches and scotch eggs!

Silly me though .... I was in charge of washing up so, in the process, licked many a bowl and spoon!!! Butter cream, chocolate, cake mix .. you name it I licked it! Hmmh Not good!!!
Still 3:00 came and they arrived just as Little Blue One's cheese scones came out the oven .. smelling gorgeous!
Afternoon tea went down really well ... I tried everything, even if it was only a mouthful!
We took my little great nephew to the swings, which was cute!
All in all a great day!

7650 steps!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Big walk

Up early today, the Littlies off with their Dad for a trip to Cambridge, a game of golf and a visit from their Step Mum's parents... us Biggies went for a walk in the country while the washing was drying.

We headed off to Little Gransden for the 'Blondie Series - Rip Her to Shreds' circular walk - 8 caches, each with a toy creature glued to the lid that could rip you to shreds (crocodile, shark, lion, etc). After the heavy rain overnight, today was sunny. There was hardly a cloud in the sky, but it was busy with twittering skylarks and a continuous procession of gliders being towed aloft.

We stopped for lunch before the last cache at the Crown and Cushion pub which to our surprise served Indonesian food ~ I tried the Opor, a mild and fragrant yellow curry, Big Blue One opted for Chicken Satay with pickled cucumber and 3 dips including a chilli oil that could blow your head off with one drop!

We collected the last of the circular caches then had a look at the Gransden Post Mill, the oldest non-working one in England.

 All-in-all, we had covered 6 miles.

Back home for a quick cup of tea, then off to collect The Littlies and then to BA and B's for the evening.

17660 steps!
Happy Days!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Another class ...

Yep! card making class today ...
Was very sleepy this morning and went to class without my phone or fitbit or my double sided tape and stick ons! What am I like!?!?!? I wolfed down two brioche rolls too! I'm so disorganised!
SW quiche, ham, salad and mushroom pasta ans sauce for lunch then Big Blue One and I want for a brisk walk... very refreshing!
Littlies home from school, Domino's for tea, I pinched a bit of their garlic bread and a slice of pizza .. very naughty but very nice!
An after tea walk to walk off some of that naughty pizza!!!!

10537 Steps

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Painting again ...

Off to painting class this morning .. ham onto soak ready to pop into the slow cooker for tea and knowing there's a SW quiche for lunch! Perfect!
Lunch time walk as the weather's so lovely! Only a quick pop out though!
Not much activity this afternoon, Little Pink One's got a friend round so Little Blue One and I wandered round the garden centre ....
The ham for tea was lovely ... served with a salad and chipps but I only had a couple of them!

8397 steps
Happy days!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sunny but well chilly!

Got up, had an alpen bar and drove to the riverside car park to walk into town for a coffee with two of my lovely SW buddies ..
Thing was, when I left the house and slid into the car I was 1) in the sun and 2) out of the wind!  Walking therefore, was bracing to say the least! Lol!
Had a good ol' chin wag then walked back to the car ... One thing I was thinking about as I drove home was that actually I don't like coffee that much .. maybe I should have tea next time!!!!! Doh!
A busy afternoon beavering away on a couple of cards, the time does fly! 
Little Blue One made a great chicken risotto for tea!  Then fruit salad and blamange for afters!
(Dare I say it .. but, I'm not that achey after yesterday!!!)

8895 steps

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Glad to say Doris is ok ... her blood pressure tablets were too strong for her and her blood pressure dropped really low .. no wonder she looked so white .. anyway very glad to report she's home, putting her feet up, and feeling ok! Hurrah for Doris!
I'd had trouble sleeping, thinking and worring about Doris, therefore having trouble getting up this morning!  A coffee and an Alpen Light bar later, I went for a walk into town to have a coffee by the river with my best mate .. it was a tad chilly but sunny!
Walked home .. a total of  3.3 miles! That's good ..
Tikka chicken, rice and salad for lunch
This evening I did the circuits for larger women again .. it worked better doing the cross trainer for 5 mins first then walking fast on the treadmill .. seemed to loosen my thigh muscles and made the circuit training a tad better!!!! Still tiring though ... I will get fitter!!!!
Little Blue One had made tea ready for when I got home .. spaghetti bolognese SW style! Lovely!

14001 steps

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sad Monday ...

Got up early to make my magic pancakes with red, white and blue fruit to take to Slimming World taster session which went down really well!

Said goodbye to The Littlies and pottered off in my bubbie car.
Glad to say I have lost this week though not as much as I'd hoped, but looking back on what I've had, it's no wonder!!!  .5 of a lb off!

Anyway group had nearly ended when one of our lovely target members wander off, to the toilet, we all thought .. but it turned out she was very poorly .. an ambulance was called and about 45 mins later a rapid response lady turned up and about 15 mins after that the ambulance!!! I really hope it wasn't another heart attack as those long mins waiting were terrible!  Wishing the lovely Doris all the best! It has really made me very sad though!

Lunch was mackerel and salad .. nice!  Does repeat though, which isn't so nice!  And a Muller Yogurt!

Busy evening here .. what with piano and evening courses!
Had to have a bowl of cereal when I got in .. wasn't too hungry before I left a 6:20 was starving by the time I got home at 9:28!!!

8626 steps.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lie in!!!!!!

Bit of a lie in this morning! Bliss! I do like the feeling of not having to get up and rush off somewhere or need to do anything!
Pottered about, ate nuts! .. and more nuts!!!  (not good!)
Went for a 2 mile walk to collect some new caches, and find some we couldn't find last time as it had got too dark! It was very windy out there though! But a nice walk along a jolly good path!  LOL!
I prepped the ingredients for tomorrow's Magic Pancakes, checked Little Pink One's ingredients for tomorrow and had a lovely cuppa while Big Blue One logged our finds!
We collected our Littlies then went on to the In-laws and had a jolly evening with them. Sausages, mash and greens .. followed by the most beautiful lemon roulade (goodness knows how many syns!)  then to boot, I popped a few Aero balls too!!! What am I like!  Wonder what the scales will say tomorrow (apart from ouch!!)

8372 Steps

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Soiree!

The Littlies went off with their Dad for the weekend, then me and my best friend wandered off to a local Secret Soiree ( a collection of craft ladies selling their beautiful handmade goodies!).  Collected a few Christmas goodies and  treats.
Big Blue One and I then pottered off in the bubbie car and found Sophie T's Vintage tearoom... been wanting to find it all summer but, believe it not, ran outta time!!! Had a spot of coffee and a cheeky toasted teacake with an even cheekier(but nice) bit of butter!!!!
Went onto Hampton to do some shopping and get the ingredients for Monday's taster session at SW.
Did a nice walk this evening, the weather was very nice for the trot round  ... finished off the evening with Salmon tikka and boiled rice!

11975 Steps.

Friday, 28 September 2012


It's got me again .. the sock has rubbed my toe and hurt it! bloomin' bloomin'!

It was a slog getting up this morning, really wanted to stay snuggled in bed!
Breakfast of yummy pineapple and an Alpen Light bar got me going ....

Mid morning coffee time had to amuze myself and keep my fingers busy and stop them putting naughty food into my mouth .. Hama beads!

Went for a walk, lunchtime ..

Got home and had a bit of a mish mash for lunch! Mug shot, philadelphia with peppers on crackerbread, muller light yogurt!
Funnily enough, in the post, we received the postcard from out Littlies' holiday with their Dad .. they sent it end of July from Sicily!

Fajitas for tea .. but not for me .. don't know what I'll knock up for myself! It ended up being a salad with ham and eggs! Nice!
A small walk to take Little Pink One's friend home, Little Pink One stayed at home due to a sudden nosebleed!

9583 steps.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Painting group ..

.. my painting group has started up again, so that's nice, as I do enjoy it but seemed to have lost my mojo over the summer! LOL!  Working on a painting of part of the garden at The Priory Hotel in Wareham, on the banks of the River Frome in Dorset.
Back home for a tasty lunch of mixed green salad and tikka chicken! Delish!
Dessert = fruit fingers (melon, pineapple and mango) dipped in heated Philadelphia chocolate! Cor!!!! A fantastic use of 4.5 syns!

Off, after school, with my Little Pink One, to get our boobies properly measured .. wonder what my 42DD's have shrunk too!!!!  Watch this space!
They have!!!!!  38DD .. thought I'd lost a D too .. but when I got home and checked it was still DD!
It was a lovely lady who measured us both at Lady Jayne's lingerie she was brilliant with Little Pink One, who, bless her, was very nervous about her first fitting!
We both  had a look round clothes shops, got some wellies for a river trip and had a good old chat in Costa Coffee!
Slow cook ham for tea .. smells gorgeous!

6557 Steps.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coffee .. Indoors!

Another chance for a walk into town but the weather forecast said  'No ~ you shall go in the car so as not to get soaked!'... so I did.  Met my lovely friend and had a nice, albeit a bit too strong for me, Americano in The Taproom .. 10:15 we met and a business man came in with us and had a pint of larger!! Blimey! That early in the morning!!!
Anyway I did park at the usual spot which allows for a bit of a walk and I did wander round the shops!
Lunch was tasty Batchelors Golden Rice, boiled egg, salad and ham! Tasty!
A quick dash out to get a couple of winter woolies then back home to help Little Blue One cook tea! Chicken Stir fry, chicken, peppers, noodles, spices and onions .. velly tasty!
Little Pink One had a go at putting a mermaid plait into my hair!

Never had one of those before!

5913 steps