Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday lay in ..

... had a bit of one this morning, but was still feeling awful when I got up!
Coffee and Alpen Light bar and two yummy flu tablets!
A quick trip into town to look round the craft fair for the British Heart Foundation,  there were some nice things there and we all stopped and chatted with some of the stall holders (some chatted a lot more than others!!!).  Grabbed the others whatever they wanted from Greggs for lunch ... then back home to eat .. I had a Mug shot, melba toast (3 syns), dairylea triangles (3 syns) and ham... couldn't taste a thing!  LOL!
Little Pink One got picked up to go to her friends house ...
The rest of us took to the car for a trip round the garden centre ... to look at all the Christmas goodies, which we hadn't gone to on Thursday, as I really didn't feel up to it!.
Cringed at X factor in the evening! It was painful! LOL!

6524 steps.

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