Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Finish a picture???

Another badish night not only with coughing but with the lashing rain!!!! It did wake me up!!!
Anyway today I'm going to try and finish my painting so I can start a different one at class tomorrow!
An Alpen Light, a banana and a couple of cups of coffee in my tummy ... off I go!
A walk along the Guided bus route at lunch time ...

.. was lovely ....

Back home for SW quiche and a pile of salad, salad cream(1 syn) bit of bread (4 syns)
and a nice cup of chai tea (4.5 syns).
Finished off my picture

Now off to do pork with apple and onion for tea! Yum!   Some syns involved just not too sure how many .. so I used 4 then 2.5 on an Activia greek style honey yogurt! Delish!   I make that half a syn over!!!!

9650 steps!

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