Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just sayin' ..

... eating three toffee crisps, though yummy, is not good!

Anyway ....
I was taking stock of everything that is going on directly in my circle of close family, then all my ripples outwards of friends and family .. and decided that there's a lot of $h*T going on .... and I thought maybe, directly or indirectly, I'm soaking everything negative up like a sponge and getting bigger!!! I am, and no doubt, always will be, an emotional eater .. I happy eat, I sad eat, I stress eat, you name it, I eat it!!!! And that's not good!
One thing I've yet to discover is how to get over this problem ... maybe I should turn into a hard bitch and not care ~ but that really isn't me!
Maybe I should just try to let things float on past me ~ but I try to help where I can! I need to halve everyone's upsets!
Maybe I should get rid of all the people with problems! Yeah, right!   Like I'd do that!!!! I love my family and friends (even the ones that no longer love me!)
So I really need to find me a fail safe mechanism to protect me from eating crud!
Maybe I've too much time on my hands to sit and think these deep thoughts!!!!
Maybe I should ...
Maybe I should .....
Maybe I should ........ WHAT!!!!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Well thank you body ...

.... for giving me a super little cold sore on my lip .. just to add to my loveliness ...!!!
Feeling so ugh .... it's uggish!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

What to do ...

.... There's something going on .. but I'm a bit scared, and am dragging my feet about what to do about it!
In some respects I don't want to know!!!!  But I suppose I must!

There! Done it .. this morning 24/5 .. I booked to see my consultant!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Blues ...

"I went to get weighed .... da na da nah
I'd put on again .... da na da nah
I was really fed up ....  da na da nah
'Cos I'd already paid .... da na da nah
I had a good chat .... da na da nah
I felt better again .... da na da nah
I drove myself home .... da na da nah
And my tummy was sore .... da na da nah
I had a quick feel .... da na da nah
and a lump there was found .... da na da nah
Really feel down now .... da na da nah
Too down to get up .... da na da nah
What should I do now .... da na da nah
I'll fill up on grub!

That's what I've got today...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Oh Blimey! ...

... It's all gone to pot again ... not as bad as last week, but still off the rails!!!!
I'm doing alright till about 5ish then I REALLY crave chocolate .. and that's all I can think about!!!
Ho hum!


Monday, 13 May 2013

Really hate myself ...

... today I'm totally disgusted with myself .. had a good long think about it .. and I'm not happy!
This past week I have been real bad food wise, and am too embarrassed to even tell hubby about it!
I need to talk to my Little Pink One about it because it involves her .. and shall I tell you how!!!
Hidden, in my knicker drawer, is a partly eaten Leonidas chocolate hen. Little Pink One had bought it for her friend when they went with their Dad to Belgium in half term, only, she hadn't given it to her friend, she'd forgotton about it and I found it when I tidied her room.
I put it on her shelf and told her about it ... and there it sat, and it sat and it sat... I think she's forgotten about it again. Anyway, yesterday I was at a low, so I casually meandered upstairs, cut the bag open carefully as it was very noisy, and ate some of it!  Now, what makes this even worse is the fact that it's strong dark chocolate and I don't like strong dark chocolate, but I ate it anyway then felt sick! 
What kind of person does that???
ME .. a big fat out of control pig with no willpower whatsoever!
With that said .... I shall now go and eat some more .. because I'm unhappy!!!!!

There's just no helping some people!!!!

And now, to top it all off .. all the lovely ladies on FB are putting up all their fab losses!  Well done to all of them, so wish I could join them!! xxxxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

.. and so I desended ...

.... into a pretty bad week!  One thing after another and certainly not enough planning this week has surely paved the way for a gain for me tomorrow .. all my own doing and all my own fault!
I really mustn't let chocolate into the house ... I can't stop myself reaching for it at times of unhappiness or stress!!!
I must plan for my shop this week and start tomorrow with a better attitude!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another one down ...

... hurrah!
Another pound off this week .. not quite the three I was hoping for, but a loss is a loss ... is it not!!!  ??????????????????????????????
I was a bit upset, for the first time, by Hubby's reaction! 
"Is that all?"  
Now, I'd have expected it from first hubby, but not this one!!! Bit sad really!

Still, had a lovely chat with some of my gorgeous SW friends over a cup of coffee this morning ... always lovely, with lots of hugs thrown in too! As usual we put the world to rights! LOL!

Might get a spot of body magic in later .. with Little Blue One's paper round .. which I will need as a couple of Freddo's jumped into my mouth, just after toffee crisps!!!! (emotional eating at it's finest!!)
Why is it men spend time looking at pop stars and models and the like? Makes one feel well fat and ugly!

Happy days (sort of!)


Friday, 3 May 2013


Had a nice coffee and chat with two of my lovely SW friends in one of their gardens today ... the sun was out .. and look how hot it was!!!

The tops of my feet got a tad too much sun!! Ouch!

I again had a good breakfast, my smash scones for lunch and a 'fly in' curry for tea .. plain boiled rice,  salmon tikka and a tiny bit of nann to try Little Pink One's korma sauce!  Lots of salad too!  Yummilish!

Happy Days! x

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I got to thinking about my eating habits and last night wondered if I wasn't doing breakfast right ... Normally Hubby brings me a coffee and an Alpen Light bar in bed so I can take my first painkillers of the day ... then when I finally meander downstairs I might or might not have a banana or something else .. but of course, come lunch time, I'm really hungry ... I eat a good meal, then my stomach starts working, making horrid noises (Dr says that might be because my intestines have adhered to the underside of my abdomen!) and before you can say Jumpin' jacks I need to rush to the loo ....
So a change of tact this morning .... Coffee in bed ( I so need that to even know who I am and what on earth I'm doing!!) as usual ... then a tad later this proper breakfast ...

Berocca with my 3 tsp golden linseed (2.5 syns for a healthy gut!),  Cereal with semi skimmed milk (HE), Muller light yogurt, and a banana plus my painkillers ... let's see how the day pans out!

Lunch ... Mini quiches, big green salad and Heinz 70% Salad cream (2 syns) and a big glass of water ...

Not sure if I'm drinking enough!
Rushing round this afternoon .. helping Little Blue One do his paper round, pick Little Pink One up from an after school samba rehersal, taking my friend to the hairdressers ... all go here!

Tea was the SW 'KFC' chicken with SW chips, well cubes! ... I forgot to take a pic before I started ... here's one part way through!

Whilst I had the smash etc out for the chicken I also knocked up the smash cheeses scones for lunch tomorrow! Yum!

The only extra syns were whilst watching Master Chef and all the yummy food ... I had a Philadelphia chocolate dunker at 8.5 syns!

Interesting ... I managed the whole day without actually feeling like I needed nibbles because I was hungry .. obviously eating proper meals really does keep you going!

Happy Days! xxx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sunny day ...

... lovely!
Went into town today to meet my best buddy for coffee .. went to the Riverside Tearooms, sat by the river, drank herbal tea and caught up on the week's doings! Bliss!
Alpen Light and banana for breakfast.
SW chips with egg for lunch.
Chicken for tea!
Might even get a spot of body magic in later too, by helping Little Blue One do his paper round ... I'll see how my slightly swollen, sore knee's feeling!

Happy Days! xx
3603 steps .. no paper round!