Thursday, 27 September 2012

Painting group ..

.. my painting group has started up again, so that's nice, as I do enjoy it but seemed to have lost my mojo over the summer! LOL!  Working on a painting of part of the garden at The Priory Hotel in Wareham, on the banks of the River Frome in Dorset.
Back home for a tasty lunch of mixed green salad and tikka chicken! Delish!
Dessert = fruit fingers (melon, pineapple and mango) dipped in heated Philadelphia chocolate! Cor!!!! A fantastic use of 4.5 syns!

Off, after school, with my Little Pink One, to get our boobies properly measured .. wonder what my 42DD's have shrunk too!!!!  Watch this space!
They have!!!!!  38DD .. thought I'd lost a D too .. but when I got home and checked it was still DD!
It was a lovely lady who measured us both at Lady Jayne's lingerie she was brilliant with Little Pink One, who, bless her, was very nervous about her first fitting!
We both  had a look round clothes shops, got some wellies for a river trip and had a good old chat in Costa Coffee!
Slow cook ham for tea .. smells gorgeous!

6557 Steps.


  1. Well done Nikki. That "Big and Sassy" tshirt well and truly needs to go;-) x

  2. Where abouts is lady jaynes ? I was measured at m&s last time and la senza the time before that ,never ever measured before that far to embarrassed used to just squeeze them into anything lol xx