Sunday, 16 December 2012

Family weekend ....

The Littlies went off ice skating with their Dad Saturday .... Little Pink One slipped hurting her already bruised knee .. but carried on. Once again the weather was on their side! A lovely sunny day!
Us biggies got ready for the arrival of my Dad and step Mum.
It was great when they arrived because I really needed cheering up.
The Littlies then went to see the film The Hobbit and their Dad dropped them off on the way back ..
We had a smashing tea altogether of sheperds pie, roasted vegetables, brocolli and for dessert trifle and christmas pudding!  Yummy! Though my Dad does have a habit of making rich food ... lots of butter, fat and cream! Naughty but oh so tasty!!!!
An evening chatting, watching telly and just being together!  Lovely!

Sunday we all went across to my sister's  ... what a super time ... Great Nephew's growing so quickly (he'll be 2 in 2 weeks time!) and he's in to everything .. a little dynamo ~ he doesn't stop!!!! Gorgeous little thing!
They cooked a massive rib of beef for lunch and we had it with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds, brussels(yuck!),  vegetables and gravy ( my Dad is the gravy master!!!), and a Claygate trifle for pudding! (forgotten about those!) ... we all have a real hoot together!
During the afternoon we just chilled .. keeping an eye on Great Nephew and then sadly we had to leave as the Littlies had homework to do ... I love my family!

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