Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Soiree!

The Littlies went off with their Dad for the weekend, then me and my best friend wandered off to a local Secret Soiree ( a collection of craft ladies selling their beautiful handmade goodies!).  Collected a few Christmas goodies and  treats.
Big Blue One and I then pottered off in the bubbie car and found Sophie T's Vintage tearoom... been wanting to find it all summer but, believe it not, ran outta time!!! Had a spot of coffee and a cheeky toasted teacake with an even cheekier(but nice) bit of butter!!!!
Went onto Hampton to do some shopping and get the ingredients for Monday's taster session at SW.
Did a nice walk this evening, the weather was very nice for the trot round  ... finished off the evening with Salmon tikka and boiled rice!

11975 Steps.

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