Tuesday, 13 November 2012


.. Couldn't put it off any longer .. had to go and see the nurse and see if I was where I should be on the recovery scale!
21 days since the op, my stitches leak at the bottom and my tummy hurts constantly, sometimes ranging from general achiness to stabbing pains!!! Not fun! I'm just sitting waiting for my next painkillers!!!!
Well .. she called the doctor in to have a prod and a poke .... and between them they decided that, even though what I had done was major,  I shouldn't be in that much pain .. so stronger painkillers .... and
my wounds needed cleaning swabbing, re-dressing and antibiotics were prescribed ....
Have to go back Friday! Ho hum!

And how much is to to get medicine these days .. £7.95 per item!!! Gosh! Can I afford to be ill at that cost!!!!!!
Mince for tea ... might it be chilli or pasta bake .. Big Blue One will decide!
Little Blue One's cooking a banana loaf ...

Can't turn it .. sorry!

While laying, tummy exposed, on the nurses couch .. I was pondering with Big Blue One about how at 10:20 in the morning my tummy was doing its hungry grumble, having eaten, at 8:30, a big bowl of Frosties .. but when eating a high fibre diet, I could last a lot longer before eating again! Just goes to show that high fibre certainly keeps you fuller for longer!!!

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