Thursday, 6 December 2012

Whey hey!

Well I finally got my date for the scan ... Monday! Yipee!
It's a long old process .. arrive at 2:30 for the prep., then go for scan at 4:30 .. not sure what the prep involves though .. but it should be interesting ...
Hopefully this will let us know what's going on inside and why I'm still so very uncomfortable!

Went to my art group today, which was lovely ... but had a couple of naughties ..a small sausage roll , thanks Jane, a mince pie, a mouthful of bucks fizz, then was given another mince pie to take home!!! Cor! They were yummy, actually I'm not a fan of mince pies but these were tasty, thanks Lesley~!
Started my Linseeds today .. 3 teaspoons mixed in with my Muller Light yogurt and washed down with a glass of water ....
Pasta and sauce, half a sausage and mixed salad for lunch ..
Beef in the slow cooker for tea ...

No wonder my tummy really is sore now! Too much done!

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