Monday, 18 November 2013


Yipeeee do dah! I was surprised to be nominated for Miss Slinky, but to be voted it was astounding!
I also got my two stone award tonight too (second time round but at least I'm still here eh!!).
I was nominated with 11 other lovely ladies, we all stood up front and told our stories of our battles and achievements ... and then we all voted ... and I was chosen!!!!

Here's the pic Rachel took of me...

Today, I am one happy bunny!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Serves me right!!!!

Tee heee!  Halloween treats for the trick and treaters!  I especially got a tub of treats that DID NOT have chocolate, so no temptation there .. Or so I thought! ... But no, this is me of course! I like drumsticks .. So I pinched one, un wrapped it, shoved it in my gob and bit down .... Crack! Pulled out said drumstick with half my back tooth attached! Blimey! There was my SW fairy giggling in the background!!!!