Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Grey days ....

.... but lovely visits ... I've had coffee with lovely ladies twice this week and it's only Tuesday!  :-)  I'm very lucky to have such lovely friends!

The Littlies did piano last night, whilst I had a go at tea, but half an hour standing and my tummy started complaining! Bloomin' thing!!! Still Big and Little Blue One's took over once they'd returned!

Yesterday, Big Blue One also managed to sort out me seeing my consultant earlier than December 13th by using his private health care insurance ... my consultant's secretary spoke to him much nicer once she realised we were covered! She then even said, once she'd given me the appointment this Friday that she'd send us a parking pass too!!! Well it's another world if you pay for it!!! Same consultant, same me, same hospital, but chuck some money in their direction and suddenly I'm treated like a Queen!!!!! Hmmmh!

Tonight I'm off for my first christmas party that I've been to since I worked!!!! The SW social team curry! It'll be so nice to see everyone, I've really missed them all! 

Happy Days!

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