Friday, 23 September 2016


Such a long time since I last posted ...
To be honest I've been very busy with getting myself better, being in hospital, again, with a scare, work (full time now) and getting my eldest to University! He's only been there a week and I'm missing him .. he's having a whale of a time though.... party, party party!!!!
Youngest is, having just started sixth form, enjoying life too ... party, party, party .. though, finishing at more sociable hours!!!
Well I have, once again, joined SW .. I had to find one that I hadn't failed at ... luckily, a lovely little group in the next door village and it's over the side of town where I work, so I can just go there straight from work! Result!
My weigh in was a bit of a shocker!!!!! but in three weeks I've lost 7.5lbs.. so that's ok!
I'm trying to lose enough, so it shows, a bit, by Christmas!
Here's hoping!!!

Happy Days!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

H E L P!!!

This has gone beyond bad...
My health is in a terrible state, my body is falling to bits.. 
I now have;
Arterial filberation
Oesto arthritis in knees, hands, wrists

I'm at the state where I don't even look at myself in mirrors anymore... my body disgusts me, let alone anybody that has the misfortune of looking at me! (A think my ex taught me!).
The more I loath myself and tell my self off about the weight gain, the more I eat junk food.
One of the big problems also is the fact that I'm in full time work (a job that I love) and am knackered when I get home (probs because of all the excess weight I'm lugging around) so don't stand around chopping vegetables etc...

Thursday, 16 July 2015


It just keeps getting worse!
This continuous weight gaining is not good!  Not only is it wrecking any chance of recovery for my knees, it's costing me a fortune in Gaviscon as all this crap food I'm eating is playing havoc with my insides.. So, I think, fingers crossed, that tonight, I might join good ole SW again but at another group! Of course I know damn well if anything resembling an excuse turns up I will grab it with greasy fingers and not go!!!

My sore knee's really getting me down, and, because I'm relying on a crutch too, my neck and shoulder are suffering! My legs are very swollen and bulbus and my clothes look AWFUL, that's mainly because I got rid of my larger sizes when I lost the three stone I've now put back on!! The result of all this is me not wanting to be seen in public!!!

Ho hum
Happy Days!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Well, this is still my view!

I had to cancel my Physio appointment today, which I REALLY need,  as I still can't be away from the loo!!!  It's a pain because my leg is uncomfortable atm, and I need to get the Physio people to check it out!  Ho hum!!! 
No work either! 

Roll on feeling better!

Happy days! Xx

Monday, 15 June 2015

Ok! What now?

Not content with the uncomfortable tummy, the weight gain, the leg damage, the unhappiness.... Life's thrown me another lemon!!!
Major stomach cramps and diarrhoea!  
Day two now ... My bum's so painful :-( 

Ho hum!  Happy Days. Xxxxxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A black day...

....for me today... For not only am I still looking at this view ..

But this morning I hit another stone zone in the wrong direction!!!!!
I haven't been this weight since my third weigh in at SW on the 23/1/2012!!!!
So, on the whole leg/ knee thing, I'm still very uncomfortable and no further on than I was three weeks ago .. In fact I'm pretty sure the calf has got worse!
The knee still hurts and I can't fully extend my leg without it feeling like it's going to snap! Therefore whenever possible I keep the leg elevated ... I presume it helps with the swelling, though one wouldn't think so if they looked at it!
I just love sporting crutches .. I always think they look so cool! NOT!!!!

Now, on the weight front I was devastated this morning ... Really couldn't believe it!
I can only put some of the gains down to my lack of movement, the rest is down to my spiral of unhappiness ... I gain weight, I hurt, I hate myself, I eat! I gain weight, I hate myself, I eat! I hurt, I eat, I'm unhappy, I eat .. You get the drift!
Back to Physio next week .. See what they have to say ...

Ugh! I hate me!