Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Glad to say Doris is ok ... her blood pressure tablets were too strong for her and her blood pressure dropped really low .. no wonder she looked so white .. anyway very glad to report she's home, putting her feet up, and feeling ok! Hurrah for Doris!
I'd had trouble sleeping, thinking and worring about Doris, therefore having trouble getting up this morning!  A coffee and an Alpen Light bar later, I went for a walk into town to have a coffee by the river with my best mate .. it was a tad chilly but sunny!
Walked home .. a total of  3.3 miles! That's good ..
Tikka chicken, rice and salad for lunch
This evening I did the circuits for larger women again .. it worked better doing the cross trainer for 5 mins first then walking fast on the treadmill .. seemed to loosen my thigh muscles and made the circuit training a tad better!!!! Still tiring though ... I will get fitter!!!!
Little Blue One had made tea ready for when I got home .. spaghetti bolognese SW style! Lovely!

14001 steps

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