Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Finally ... I've lost!
2 pound this week ... am I mighty glad!?!?!
So I feel a lot more positive now, which is great!
This morning, pinapple, Alpen Light bar and a cup of coffee for breakfast ... something eggy for lunch and the SW 'KFC' chicken with SW chips for tea!
Not too sure about walking at the moment ... my knee's killing me!!! Bummer!

Happy Days!

14st 8lbs.
4095 steps.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hopefully ok ...

I hope tomorrow will be ok scales wise .. I've had a good week .. went a little bit astray over the weekend, but hopefully not too badly!!!
Had a good walk around Ferry Meadows today .. blew the cobwebs away .. but did have a cheeky slice of carrot cake (a personal favourite!!!) with my diet coke!
Saw this lovely train whilst wandering around!

 Happy days! x

8602 steps.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Better than last week ....

.... even though it was, yet again, a gain!!!!

No seriously though .. it was only a small one ~ 1lb .. which now makes my total loss 1 stone 12lbs!
I think if I'd gained any more than two it would have been a down week!!!
So a positive start to Tuesday morning, (Alpen light bar, coffee semi skimmed milk) ... Tuedsay lunchtime(baked potato, beans, 25g cheese) .. Tuesday tea time(SW Chilli and rice, pineapple for pud) .. this morning(Alpen light, coffee semi skimmed milk) W=into town for coffee with best buddy and drank herbal tea!  .. this lunch time (SW mini quiches, that I made last night, salad, 70% salad cream and mini pot of Philadelphia lightest with 3 crackerbreads)!! Yeeeehhhaaaaaaa!  All's good! One and a half good days under my belt!
Tonight's tea will be either SW chips with SW 'KFC' chicken or the SW Thai green curry made with the greek style coconut yogurts that are .5 syns each!
Another bit of body magic tonight in helping Little Blue One do his paper round .. it is a lovely, sunny day!!

I want to say 'I think I might have got my mojo back' .. but I don't want to jinx it!

Happy Days! xxx

8768 steps.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The slippery pole ....

.... to unhappiness!  And I'm on it!  The more I eat, the more I put on weight, the more unhappy I am, the more I eat!!!!!!!!  I wanna jump off .. so why can't I!
Well, I was asking myself this only last night, whilst telling myself off for chickening out of going to my lovely SW group of supportive ladies and gentlemen (and they are), and I think it's the feeling of failure I'll get if I go, weigh in and have gained again, I don't want that! .. I'm sure I will have gained what with birthdays and eating out last week, and kiddies chocolate eggs.. and, and , and .. shoving anything that doesn't move into my mouth!!!!!  So I worry about it, whilst eating rubbish, and put it off, and worry about it and eat, and worry about it, and put it off .... 
Can I take another "You're rubbish, can't you do anything right" feeling I've had pummeled onto me in the past!!!!
Right need to get my happy, smiley, jolly face on ready for the afternoon .. and stop eating white chocolate cookies(that I didn't need and bought along with a white roll!!! *See how rubbish is that!!!)

Happy Days!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Pain ..

.. well no surprises there .. my tummy's well peeved off with me doing all those steps over the last few days!  Still, I can sit and watch the Lord of the Rings dvd s Little Blue One got for his Birthday!  Give it a bit of a rest!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Walked my little socks off ...

.. Today was my Son's birthday.. he wanted to go to London for the day .. Great idea and I was full of it, though a bit unsure of how my tummy would cope .. anyway we set off to catch the train to Kings cross, then on the underground to Piccadilly Circus ... we walked up Regent's Street, across New Bond Street, up Maddox Street, round Berkeley Square, along Davis Street to Oxford street and caught the tube back to the station from Marble Arch ... taking in shops along the way, a bit of fuel in Brown's, fun in Hamleys, culture in Libertys and wonderment in Selfridges! All in all an expensive (train fare £96 for 4!!!!!), fun, interesting kind of a day! 

Steps 13027

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

OK ....

.... well the past two days haven't been too bad food wise ... Only 2 chocolates yesterday .. and none today!!! 
Went into Cambridge with The Littlies  .. we needed to leave room in the house for things that were being done and hubby was overseeing!
We walked to the bus stop and caught the guided bus, got off and wandered around the Grand Arcade.. The Littlies wanted lunch so we ate at Jamie's Italian, which was nice as I love the building, but too over priced I reckon...I had a burger, no chips or sauces or anything! Then the littlies, a bit later, wanted creamy coolers from Costa, I had diet coke (I love the creamy coolers!).. I did though try a little sip of them both! ... done lots of walking ...Chicken thai curry tonight SW style!

Happy Days!

10370 steps.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bloomin' yo-yo...

that's what I feel like ... a bloomin' yo-yo ... but with a rubbish controller!!!
You know what it's like when you first try to have a go at yo-yoing ... up and down it goes for a few times, then it climbs up the string a bit less, it goes down, it climbs up a bit less, it goes down more, it climbs up even less, goes down.. until finally it doesn't climb back up the string again!!  That's what I'm like at the moment ...
8lb on after my months of recovery...
1.5 lbs off ...
5lbs on ....
1lb off ....
Last night (to really cheer me up!)  4lbs on!!!!

I'm nearly that yo-yo rolling on the floor needing to be picked up and have the string wound round again!
BUT .... 


Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday market

The Littlies and I got dropped off in town to have a wander ... we looked around the, slightly busy, Monday market... always interesting ... looked in a few shops, went for lunch at Surf and turf which does a good meal deal, yummy fish and chips for us Pinkies and omelet with cheese and ham for Little Blue One... wandered round a few more shops, got creamy coolers in Costas (the Littlies favourite!!) and called Big Blue One to come and get us ...
The evening was rounded off by The Blue Ones cooking tea whilst I went to SW! Not happy!!!

6085 steps