Friday, 28 September 2012


It's got me again .. the sock has rubbed my toe and hurt it! bloomin' bloomin'!

It was a slog getting up this morning, really wanted to stay snuggled in bed!
Breakfast of yummy pineapple and an Alpen Light bar got me going ....

Mid morning coffee time had to amuze myself and keep my fingers busy and stop them putting naughty food into my mouth .. Hama beads!

Went for a walk, lunchtime ..

Got home and had a bit of a mish mash for lunch! Mug shot, philadelphia with peppers on crackerbread, muller light yogurt!
Funnily enough, in the post, we received the postcard from out Littlies' holiday with their Dad .. they sent it end of July from Sicily!

Fajitas for tea .. but not for me .. don't know what I'll knock up for myself! It ended up being a salad with ham and eggs! Nice!
A small walk to take Little Pink One's friend home, Little Pink One stayed at home due to a sudden nosebleed!

9583 steps.

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