Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lie in!!!!!!

Bit of a lie in this morning! Bliss! I do like the feeling of not having to get up and rush off somewhere or need to do anything!
Pottered about, ate nuts! .. and more nuts!!!  (not good!)
Went for a 2 mile walk to collect some new caches, and find some we couldn't find last time as it had got too dark! It was very windy out there though! But a nice walk along a jolly good path!  LOL!
I prepped the ingredients for tomorrow's Magic Pancakes, checked Little Pink One's ingredients for tomorrow and had a lovely cuppa while Big Blue One logged our finds!
We collected our Littlies then went on to the In-laws and had a jolly evening with them. Sausages, mash and greens .. followed by the most beautiful lemon roulade (goodness knows how many syns!)  then to boot, I popped a few Aero balls too!!! What am I like!  Wonder what the scales will say tomorrow (apart from ouch!!)

8372 Steps

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Soiree!

The Littlies went off with their Dad for the weekend, then me and my best friend wandered off to a local Secret Soiree ( a collection of craft ladies selling their beautiful handmade goodies!).  Collected a few Christmas goodies and  treats.
Big Blue One and I then pottered off in the bubbie car and found Sophie T's Vintage tearoom... been wanting to find it all summer but, believe it not, ran outta time!!! Had a spot of coffee and a cheeky toasted teacake with an even cheekier(but nice) bit of butter!!!!
Went onto Hampton to do some shopping and get the ingredients for Monday's taster session at SW.
Did a nice walk this evening, the weather was very nice for the trot round  ... finished off the evening with Salmon tikka and boiled rice!

11975 Steps.

Friday, 28 September 2012


It's got me again .. the sock has rubbed my toe and hurt it! bloomin' bloomin'!

It was a slog getting up this morning, really wanted to stay snuggled in bed!
Breakfast of yummy pineapple and an Alpen Light bar got me going ....

Mid morning coffee time had to amuze myself and keep my fingers busy and stop them putting naughty food into my mouth .. Hama beads!

Went for a walk, lunchtime ..

Got home and had a bit of a mish mash for lunch! Mug shot, philadelphia with peppers on crackerbread, muller light yogurt!
Funnily enough, in the post, we received the postcard from out Littlies' holiday with their Dad .. they sent it end of July from Sicily!

Fajitas for tea .. but not for me .. don't know what I'll knock up for myself! It ended up being a salad with ham and eggs! Nice!
A small walk to take Little Pink One's friend home, Little Pink One stayed at home due to a sudden nosebleed!

9583 steps.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Painting group ..

.. my painting group has started up again, so that's nice, as I do enjoy it but seemed to have lost my mojo over the summer! LOL!  Working on a painting of part of the garden at The Priory Hotel in Wareham, on the banks of the River Frome in Dorset.
Back home for a tasty lunch of mixed green salad and tikka chicken! Delish!
Dessert = fruit fingers (melon, pineapple and mango) dipped in heated Philadelphia chocolate! Cor!!!! A fantastic use of 4.5 syns!

Off, after school, with my Little Pink One, to get our boobies properly measured .. wonder what my 42DD's have shrunk too!!!!  Watch this space!
They have!!!!!  38DD .. thought I'd lost a D too .. but when I got home and checked it was still DD!
It was a lovely lady who measured us both at Lady Jayne's lingerie she was brilliant with Little Pink One, who, bless her, was very nervous about her first fitting!
We both  had a look round clothes shops, got some wellies for a river trip and had a good old chat in Costa Coffee!
Slow cook ham for tea .. smells gorgeous!

6557 Steps.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coffee .. Indoors!

Another chance for a walk into town but the weather forecast said  'No ~ you shall go in the car so as not to get soaked!'... so I did.  Met my lovely friend and had a nice, albeit a bit too strong for me, Americano in The Taproom .. 10:15 we met and a business man came in with us and had a pint of larger!! Blimey! That early in the morning!!!
Anyway I did park at the usual spot which allows for a bit of a walk and I did wander round the shops!
Lunch was tasty Batchelors Golden Rice, boiled egg, salad and ham! Tasty!
A quick dash out to get a couple of winter woolies then back home to help Little Blue One cook tea! Chicken Stir fry, chicken, peppers, noodles, spices and onions .. velly tasty!
Little Pink One had a go at putting a mermaid plait into my hair!

Never had one of those before!

5913 steps

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How unfit am I? ...

Very! But more about that later!
This morning was a trip into town for a coffee and a catch up with one of my lovely SW friends!
I parked at Riverside and walked into Goddie, then back via an antiques centre! 2.59 miles!

Back home for a lunch of Bresaola, rocket, parmesan and lemon juice! Nice!
This evening .. hmmh .. had a go at circuits for the larger lady .. ouh! my knees didn't like it much!
I nearly fell off the cross trainer Bridget Jones style after 5 mins!!!!
My face turned a horrid shade of red ... what a hoot!
Still, I'll be back next week!
Salmon tikka, boiled rice and salad waiting for me when I got home.

 11198 Steps

Monday, 24 September 2012

That's good ...

Today at weigh in I had lost 1lb! That's what I needed .. only 3lbs to go till I hit the 3 stone mark!!!!!!!
Whizzed home, had the SW quiche and salad then whizzed off to my hairdressers .. a bit of colour and cut and back home in time for a nice cuppa and an Alpen light bar!
The Littlies are off to piano soon .. I think pasta bake for tea will warm us up a bit! Mighty chilly out there today!
7675 steps.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lovely weather ...

.. the Littlies went off on a surprise trip with their Father to London to see Jesus Christ Superstar, at the O2, on the train and because it was a lovely, bright, crisp day us Biggies went into town to look round the Italian market and popped into a photographic exhibition!
After lunch of salad, ham and baked potato we then went to gather a few caches round Alconbury .. a few miles which was nice as we met some other cachers on the way and between us managed to locate and retrieve a missing stash!  What a hoot!
In the evening off to the in-laws for lasagne, salad, summer berry pudding and a couple of milk chocolate aero balls! Naughty but nice!

13215 steps

Friday, 21 September 2012

Coffee and a chat!

Into town again this morning to meet with my friend for a cup of coffee and a 'put the world to right' chat! We love sitting by the river and chilling! ('twas chilly indeed!). Americano with hot milk! Nice
When she left for work .. I meandered around the Friday Market, which was busy, and got a few bits and bobs.  Had a brisk walk back to the car.

8803 steps

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Who put that there?????....

....... Hotel Chocolat has a factory outlet shop in the next town! Awesome! I LOVE chocolate!!!!
But oh so naughty!  Tee hee!
Still the florantines are only 3 syns each!
A walk through town, window shopping was nice though something awful happened around lunch time. An out of control car took out two pedestrians around market square!
We, by then had gone off to check a cache out of town.
Bit of a pain getting a migraine ... could of done without that!!!  (hope it wasn't the chocolate!!!)
Still, Little Pink One was out at her BFF's house so the rest of us flew in a curry for tea...
Salmon tikka, plain boiled rice and a bit of a naan ... No one was up for cooking ... me with my banging head and the two male members of the family suffering with colds!
Did get another bit of a walk when we went to collect Little Pink One!
9972 steps

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Up with the larks ...

... this morning ~ a stubborn tickle in my throat woke me at 5!!!!  Still I managed to go back to sleep to be rudely awakened at 7:25 by my alarm!!!!  Sorted The Littlies out for school, then off in coat & gloves for a walk in the park .. It was bracing across there!!!!!  2 miles under our belts and back home for a warm coffee and cereal!
Home made pea and ham soup for lunch made with the stock and vegetables left from the slow cook ham last night .. just whizzed up with some extra peas added and some of the left over ham! Delish!
A quick catch up with a friend over coffee and the Littlies were home from school ...
Salmon risotto for tea

and another walk around the block taking Little Pink One's friend home!

10155 steps

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Yum ....

.. that hit the spot ...
Yummy Slimming World Quiche atop a mixed salad!

There's a ham, smelling gorgeous, in the slow cooker and I got myself a lovely bargain cardi from a lovely lady the other side of town .. what a good day so far!

Well that slow cook ham, fell to pieces and went down a treat!  Served with mixed vegetables and SW chips ... Very nice!

Phew .. these nights are getting chilly .. that was a brisk walk!!!

5930 Steps

Monday, 17 September 2012

Well that's not surprising ..

I stayed the same after weigh in this morning ..better than I thought after the week I've had...been really emotional, a bit up and down and generally miserable .. I've snacked on rubbish!!!
Well onwards and downwards on the scales....   this week is another week! I will be good!
Saw some of my lovely painting buddies this afternoon for a cheeky spot of cake (about 5 syns), coffee and a chat! That was so nice ... we'd been trying to meet all summer!!

2923 steps .. a quiet day! Still feeling poorly on the sore tummy front!.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A long walk ........

Three of us set off to Wennington to do a circular cache ... we did half of it covering 4 miles,

the chap who set it said it was only 4.5 miles to do all of it! I don't think so!!!!!  Big Blue One led us astray about where the car was, by then our feet were aching! LOL!

We stopped off for a WELL DESERVED cup of tea at HGL ... that hit the spot! I had Chai Tea latte and a naughty waffle (17 syns!)
Really sore tummy though today .. hope it gets better!

13966 Steps.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Really low at the moment ...

.. so fed up with myself ... had Alpen bars with my cup of coffee for breakfast then had two brioche rolls! Why?!?!  I didn't need them really!  How many syns? About 6.5 each!!!!! Rubbish!  I know I will be so very unhappy if I don't lose this week!!!
Well I'm off for a walk to the shop to get fruit for my Little Pink One's cookery class! Might blow some of my yuckiness away!!!!

9638 steps.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It started off so well ...

Got up went for a walk had a banana and Alpen Ligh bar for breakfast..
Made a yummy omelete with salad for lunch

Then got bored and hit the snack cupboard ...4 mini toffee crisps later and I'm really pee'd off with myself .. no self control!  It got worse ... real major stress at the Littlies bed time .. two more toffee crisps and two rocky road bars!  What's going on here .. I seem to have hit my self destruct button!!!!

5879 steps

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A jolly jaunt into town ..

Banana and Muller yogurt for breakfast this morning then a jolly jaunt into town ..
It took me about 30 mins to walk to the centre of town where I met my friend and went and had an americano in Costa and a jolly good chin wag .. lovely!
Quick stop off at Boots and met another friend in there .. stopped for another chin wag ... then started my walk home .. met another acquaintance and finally carried on my walk AN HOUR LATER! She had lots to say! LOL!
Home for some yummy soup Covent Garden Souper Greens and slice of bread and another yogurt!
This evening was Piano lessons for the Littlies and because it was at a new address we all went and we stopped for tea on the way back ... I had three bean masala with a salad from the under 600 calories menu!!!  And had to try the Littlies puddings .. you know, just to taste!!!!!

10155 steps

Monday, 10 September 2012

Oooppps I did it again ...

.. gained half a pound this week ... not surprised, but there's always that bit of hope that 'I might have got away with' those naughty slices of bread, bits of chocolate, ice creams and toffee crisps!!! But no!
So I came home and reminded myself how well I've done so far ... cheered me up!

A salad and chicken tikka pieces for lunch with a splodge of 70% salad cream.
Had to whizz my Little Blue One to the orthodontist this afternoon, he needed his braces tightened ... and came home had a nice cuppa and my second half of my HEa an Alpen Light bar!
Going to have the SW chicken 'pizzas' for tea! Yum!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunny Sunday too!

Had a bit of a lay in today as the Littlies at their Dad's .. Found some left over chocolate coins .. so ate about 7 of them!!!! Tsk tsk!
Then we zoomed off towards town as it was Heritage open day ... parked at my usual palce and had a brisk walk to town, looked around the chapel.. had a sneaky Thornton's ice cream (syns!) and wandered around Holt Island ...

When we got back we had some of the really nice bread, toasted with philly light spread on it ... few syns there! In the evening we collected our Littlies and went to the in-laws for some tea .. they all had pizza, salad and jacket potatoes .. I had jacket potato and salad a bit of Pizza Express house light dressing, strawberries and creme fraiche.

7323 steps

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sunny Saturday ..

Up early, for a Saturday, and us Pinkies were in the park for 8:15. The sun was warm and the sky cloudless!
Bananna and toast with marmite for breakfast ... HEb.
Off the Littlies went to their Dad's for the weekend  ...
Us Biggies jumped in the bubbie car and zoomed off to Risby .. a lovely village where we gathered a few caches, had a drink and a cheeky slice of cake (9 syns).
On the way back we stopped at relatives for a quick coffee and chat ... and due to the time, we stopped at the beefeater for tea .. Chose a burger, didn't eat the bun, no dressing on the salad and jacket instead of chips!

14552 Steps

Friday, 7 September 2012

Early sun!

Once again a beautiful morning .... Had to wake Little Pink One this morning!!! Little Blue One just kept needing a nudge!!!!
Off the Littlies trooped and out went us Biggies for our trot around the park!  Very nice indeed.  Two things though did niggle me this morning .. firstly a bit of a twinge in my back and buttock .. so by reducing my stride and taking smaller steps it eased off! Secondly a sock seam was rubbing on my toe! Still two miles under our belt and back home for a cup of coffee and some cereal and a bananna!
There's still quiche in the fridge for lunch! Hurrah!
Do you know what .. I do get lots done if I get up early!!! Washing on the line already ... before, on my normal slobbish days at 9:15 I'd still be in bed!!!!  Now I've got the Littlies up, made a salad for Little Pink One, stripped beds, put washing on, been for a two mile walk, had breakfast and put washing on the line! Result!!!!
Market day in town today so went down for a wander around .. it was nice to see it busy there and had a jolly good look round the new shops!  Very nice!
Stopped off at Greggs on the way back to the car and treated us to a nice granary loaf, had it medium sliced then, silly me, came home and had 4 slices!!!!! No butter or anything .. I just like nice bread! ... But dear oh dear at about 4.5 syns per slice that's not good!!!!  To add to that we ended up going for a curry .. at PR Massala it was fantastic and I'm pleased to say I made some good choices .. sheek kabab  and salmon tikka with plain bolied rice .. I did though dip a bit of naan into Little Blue One's massala sauce ... it was yum!

Steps 14675.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Early morning rise and shine ....

... well I rose, don't know about shine! LOL!
Up with the larks again and a beautiful sunny morning ... sorted out Little Pink One's bresaola salad for lunch.
Waved both the littlies off to school and did my 2 mile turn round the quiet park! Lovely! Big Blue One joined me and we had a good time, putting the world to rights!!
Back home after 40 mins ... get ready for coffee with my best friend ..
When I go to town I always park a good walk away and I had a nice wander in by the river.
Met my friend and had coffee sitting on the terrace overlooking the river and bridge at the river tearooms ... I'd missed her over the holiday and always enjoy our chats!
Lunch was made yesterday .. a Slimming World quiche ..  served with a big mixed salad!

The Littlies came home happy from their day at school ..
We were all hungry so tea was earlier than usual .. pork medallions, home made apple sauce, peas and mash for the others I had a jacket potato.  Then 'tinkle tinkle tinkle' .. the Ice cream man!!!! A cone with no flake for pudding!!!! About 9 syns!!!

11316 steps.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to school ...

Well my two littlies are back to school today .. so I didn't get up with the larks this morning ...
A late lunch meant I fancied a nibble, my fault for leaving it so long .. but I went for crisps! Tsk tsk .. that 7.5 syns just like that!
Lunch was a yummy affair .. big mixed green salad topped with tikka chicken. V nice!

Once the Littlies are back from school I think we'll go for a walk and a chat ... see how the day's gone!

9054 steps.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


13761 ... steps today!
Bag shopping for my Little Blue One!!!! That was some lot of body magic! LOL!

Monday, 3 September 2012


Up to do my walk around the park at 7:30 with my Little Pink One, and it was a lovely warm morning.
Then off to Slimming world for a 9:00 start .. I'm loving being on the Social Team and it also makes sure I get to group every week!
Can't believe I lost 4.5 lbs .. but jolly glad I did as I had gained 2lbs the week before! Really really chuffed!
Back home to make a yummy lunch of salad, eggs, savoury rice and tuna,

 followed by fruit salad and muller yogurt!
Now ..... what to do for tea?!?!?!

12143 steps.