Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Windy walks!

Cor! That was a bad night ... cough, cough, coughing!  Bit of a lay in this morning then downstairs to make my yummy magic pancakes ...
Went for a walk lunchtime .. 6 circuits of our park .. that's 2 miles thank you very much .. but my goodness it was WINDY!  Slowed us down part way round each time... all that wind resistance!  LOL!
The wind pushed us back home and I downed a mug shot to warm me up!
A cup of the yummy chai tea (4.5 syns) before the Littlies get home from school ...
For supper we had, in front of Eastenders (naughty!), chicken and pasta bake ... very tasty I thought!
Muller light for pudding!
Happy days!

8116 steps.

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