Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Well, this is still my view!

I had to cancel my Physio appointment today, which I REALLY need,  as I still can't be away from the loo!!!  It's a pain because my leg is uncomfortable atm, and I need to get the Physio people to check it out!  Ho hum!!! 
No work either! 

Roll on feeling better!

Happy days! Xx

Monday, 15 June 2015

Ok! What now?

Not content with the uncomfortable tummy, the weight gain, the leg damage, the unhappiness.... Life's thrown me another lemon!!!
Major stomach cramps and diarrhoea!  
Day two now ... My bum's so painful :-( 

Ho hum!  Happy Days. Xxxxxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A black day...

....for me today... For not only am I still looking at this view ..

But this morning I hit another stone zone in the wrong direction!!!!!
I haven't been this weight since my third weigh in at SW on the 23/1/2012!!!!
So, on the whole leg/ knee thing, I'm still very uncomfortable and no further on than I was three weeks ago .. In fact I'm pretty sure the calf has got worse!
The knee still hurts and I can't fully extend my leg without it feeling like it's going to snap! Therefore whenever possible I keep the leg elevated ... I presume it helps with the swelling, though one wouldn't think so if they looked at it!
I just love sporting crutches .. I always think they look so cool! NOT!!!!

Now, on the weight front I was devastated this morning ... Really couldn't believe it!
I can only put some of the gains down to my lack of movement, the rest is down to my spiral of unhappiness ... I gain weight, I hurt, I hate myself, I eat! I gain weight, I hate myself, I eat! I hurt, I eat, I'm unhappy, I eat .. You get the drift!
Back to Physio next week .. See what they have to say ...

Ugh! I hate me!