Monday, 15 October 2012

Thank goodness for that!

Weigh-in day! 

~ Coffee and water before weigh-in .. a bit of body magic setting up .. take a deep breath and let it out .. step on the scales .. wait ... wait ... 'peep' .... 4lbs off!  YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I'm so pleased .. my good week paid off .. now only .5 of a pound to go!
This week I'm going to be really good to smash my goal of a 1lb off and show myself that if I really put my heart and soul into it I can lose more weight!!!!
Alpen bar for a nibble, then more body magic packing everything away ..
Back home at 1:30 and salad for lunch .. with Batchelors curry rice and ham .. nice!
Newly discovered drink well worth the 4.5 syns, I think .. Spiced Chai Latte! Gorgeous! Wonder if they do a lower calorie version!
Still feeling poorly and run down plus with this bloomin cold I'm coughing lots in the night, which isn't good cos I really need my beauty sleep and don't seem to function as well if I don't get enough!!!
Come my 7 o clock evening class and I'm shattered!!!!
Salad and eggs before class with salad cream (1 syn) and melba toast (3 syns) and my Muller yogurt when I get back at 9:30!
Before bed mix my porridge oats with a Muller yogurt ready for SW magic pancakes in the morning !

5655 steps (not so good!)

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