Sunday, 7 October 2012

Afternoon tea? Don't mind if I do!

Up ready for the busy day of baking ahead!
My big Sister and her family were heading over for afternoon tea ...
Little Pink One had made her flap jack on Friday evening but was making choc-chip cupcakes.

Little Blue One made mini victoria sponges and cheese scones
I made SW quiches and scotch eggs!

Silly me though .... I was in charge of washing up so, in the process, licked many a bowl and spoon!!! Butter cream, chocolate, cake mix .. you name it I licked it! Hmmh Not good!!!
Still 3:00 came and they arrived just as Little Blue One's cheese scones came out the oven .. smelling gorgeous!
Afternoon tea went down really well ... I tried everything, even if it was only a mouthful!
We took my little great nephew to the swings, which was cute!
All in all a great day!

7650 steps!

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