Friday, 12 October 2012

Still yucky!

Ergh!  Still feel horrid .. missing two lots of social interaction today .. a lunch with some lovely ladies then a girly get together tonight! Sob! Bloomin' bloomin'!!!

So, here I am, hunkered down under my duvet, tippy tapping away on my keyboard feeling very sorry for myself .. must be man flu to feel this bad!!!

Two cups of coffee under my belt but not sure what I fancy for breakfast!   I had porridge (He) made with water.
Lunch was bresaola and mug shot!(not too hungry).
A quick mile walk to clear my fugginess .... and post a letter ...
25g of choc chips (6.5 syns) .. comfort food!!!!
More coffee and water and Diet Pepsi ....
Alpen Light bar (3 syns)
Tea?!?!?  Not sure yet! Little Pink One's at a friends ...
Took some flu capsules .. slice of bread (5 syns) with yet more coffee ...
For tea, as I was feeling so awful, we flew in a curry .. salmon tikka, boiled rice and salad for me ...
Oh and when Little Pink One got home I tried a spoonful of her cooking .. apple and sultana crumble! She got a 10,  well done her! (about 3 syns )
Little Blue One still feeling unwell ... bless him!

5850 steps.

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