Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Another loss this week ... and Slimmer of The Month!!!!

 How chuffed am I???   Very.. to say the least!
We've been good on the free food items .. but the syns crept in and Hubby reckoned we'd gone over this week ... he's been very good about keeping track of them! Bless him!
He stayed the same and I lost 1lb!  Yipeeeee!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Free from Jail!!!

Tee hee .. We're back from a short stay here ... The House of Correction!

It was great.... a weird, whacky, spooky, dark impressive kinda place!
The narrowest building we'd seen!

It's owned by The Landmark trust and is in Folkingham, Lincolnshire ...
Underneath the building, through the hidden trap door are the four cells!  We went down there, with torches, but it was still scary .... and very cold!!!!
We had a fab view from our bedroom window ...

And a lovely one when sat in bed drinking our early, morning cuppa ... 

Whilst there we visited Lincoln, which was busy, but we loved it ...

And when we went to Sleaford we found an even thinner building ...

A teeny, tiny jewellery shop! Sooo cute!

We all had a super time, though I have to say, when away with the Littlies it's much harder to eat healthy!!!!!
Wonder what Tuesday's weigh in will hold!  

Happy days!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Still going ...

.. great guns! 
We've had a really good week, watched our syns ... and eaten TONNES of super free vegetables ...

We've had a couple of meals out, but have chosen carefully  ...
Tonight's meal was out of our hands .. it happens!
Early weigh in on Monday!

Happy Days! x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Really sad ..

.. today as one of my best friends is really sad .. her fiance has lost his job,  having had it taken back by one of their "friends"!  Now, all their future plans have fallen by the wayside and she's so very sad!
Life can throw us some curve balls sometimes, for sure! x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Well those few days in Paris, did me no harm whatsoever!  Happy bunny here ..2.5lbs off!   This is the beginning of my downward weight spiral!!!!   Xxxxx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm a gymnast!

Well not really, but, as I was going through our SW posts, I got to thinking about how we are all just doing our thing along the balance bar of life and sometimes we wobble a bit and sometimes we fall off!! 
It's not our fault ... just a little slip up and off we fall  (it's too easy, you see, as the balance bar is only thin)!!!  Falling off is all part of life! Wobbling is all part of life!!!  But we can soon sort it out, jump right back on and carry on to the final performance (target),  it might take months, it might take years but we'll get there.... because we want to!!  All we need is to:
Concentrate (plan),
Get the steps right (eat properly)
Have confidence in ourselves
Practice new moves (try different meals)
To get to that perfect performance! (Target).

Now! Off I go to chalk up my hands and get rid of my leotard wedgie!!!!

Home again ...

.. Well I can safely say we had a super fab time in Paris, the weather held out for us and the sights were spectacular! We both walked and walked and walked ..so lots of body magic, which is good.... The food, on the other hand, was a bit more of a minefield!!!!  I opted for salads as much as I could but they always seem to come swimming in oil!!! So I would drain whatever I could off and eat the rest, but two things sprang to mind whilst eating them ... 1,  was why do they put so much on and 2,  why do they enjoy eating VERY slimy leaves!!! No crisp salad leaves at all!!! How weird is that!?!?! 
No chocolate consumed whatsoever!!!! I can't believe it!!!!   And only two treats of pudding .. One crepe with Nutella and one creme brûlée, my most favourite of all deserts!!  
So I think our trip to SW, hubby joining too, before we went has helped me, certainly, make some different choices, right choices!   Who knows what the scales will tell tomorrow!  

Happy days! Xx

Friday, 9 August 2013

Paris... Lovely!

Whilst Paris is indeed a beautiful place, with lovely views, fab restaurants, a good metro system and fairly nice people .. It doesn't do much for ones, such as mine, self esteem ... All those petit French lovelies in their very petit pretty dresses made me feel like a right old heifer!!!!  I have had a lovely few days here, but, home on the morrow!  This little anniversary trip has, I hope, given me the kick start needed for my weight loss journey to start again! 

Happy days xxxx

Friday, 2 August 2013

Oh dear!

That's a bummer!
Something I hadn't had for a while and yet another reason I'm peeved with myself!

Camel toe!
My linen trousers that fitted so well, now produce this most unsightly affliction!!  Not a good look as far as I'm concerned!  Another failure reminder! :-(

Well tomorrow I'm off on a 5km walk in memory of Rita ... I do so miss her!