Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just lost the plot!

I don't know what's going on ..
I'm so not in the zone ...
It's rubbish!
Hopefully going to group tonight to get my mind back into the right place!

How does Fruit and nut, crisps and a mince pie fit into the SW healthy lifestyle???
I've pushed, pulled, squeezed and cajoled and actually, it doesn't!!! 'nuff said!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

An emotional week!

Phew!  Seem to want to cry lots atm .. and eat rubbish!!!!
So .. this is why ..... this week .....
Our lovely adopted rabbit had to be put down ... we had her for about 18 months ....she was a lovely, deaf, free roaming little thing who, after nine months with us, would allow me to stoke her!  I will miss her and her little twitchy nose!

One of Little Blue One's fish left us too!
Little Pink One had a sickness episode at school ...
I put on 2.5lbs!!!
A migraine (hadn't had one for a long while!)
Casualty on tv last night!!!!! What a shock! Me and Little Pink One cried and cried!!!!

Then to add to that .. and I'm really sad about it .. my new job, which I love, is giving me backache!!!  Now, I reckon I need words about how low the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet is and needing a new chair! I really want to stay there!

So, this week I need to lose my gain, have a little chat to my boss, brace myself for the next episode of Casualty and de- rabbit the garden so I don't keep spying her hutch and run (both of which she hardly ever used anyway!).

Monday, 22 September 2014

A lot to tell you ..

So ... What's been going on!... 
Well ....
1) I've just started a new job, as my previous one was beginning to take a toll on my knees and back (it wasn't the job I took on!  When I started there it was a home ware gift shop with lovely little gifts, cards, art .. things like that .. then we became a stockist for Annie Sloan paint .. which, by the way, is FAB! but, carrying pots of paint or crawling round on the floor looking for tester pots just wasn't what my knackered old body could do ~ now, in my mind I might be a sprightly 21 year old, but my body says 'hang on there you .. you can't do that!') .. so, sadly I had to leave! Having said that, after two days at my new job I'm loving it and it's still great! Lol! And I knotch up a bit of body magic to and from the workplace! So that's good!
2) Without the betablockers, my energy levels seem to have gone up, so that's fab!
3) My Little Blue One is settled in sixth form (after a very wobbly start at a different sixth form!) .. one relieved Mummy here I can tell you ...
And ....
4) My weight is coming off ... v e r y  s l o w l y!
It's all good though .. so for now
Happy Days!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goodness me .. what am I like!!!!

I don't know, I seem to be bumbling along eating healthy meals (sort of) then eating RUBBISH snacks in between!!! What am I doing?!?!?!
Now, there are a few things that I'm stumbling over ...I am missing my babes who are away for two weeks, I am having my bathroom and cloakroom gutted and furnished so there are workmen in the house, all my counter tops are just dust and I'm getting them biscuits (which, because I've no willpower whatsoever, I'm eating!!!) and I'm really fed up of just not feeling right!
But, why does this make me eat rubbish???????

I'd gained 1.5 last week and I can only assume it will be a monumental gain again this week!!!!!  Roll on Thursday to see!!!

Trying to start this holiday week off with better intentions ..
I've just made roasted vegetable soup for lunch and we took delivery of this yummy looking box of fruit and vegetables ...

Let's see what Thursday holds shall we?????

Happy Days! xx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Well I never ...

..only gone and not only been nominated for, but voted Woman of the year 2014!!! Once again I was gobsmacked ... I was nominated with 6 other lovely, inspiring ladies who have done so well on their journey!

We had an emotional evening though, as our consultant was leaving so there were hugs and tears all over the place! All three sessions were combined, so we had a taster session, Woman of the Year and a bit of a speech, jolly kinda evening!  

Friday, 30 May 2014

Another slump!

Well here I am ... feeling well peeved off ... these beta blockers have just sapped all my energy ... It's rubbish!  I really need to re focus!
Must get back to my SW group properly .. I know for a fact that all I've done these last few weeks is gained weight!!!! 
At this moment in time I really hate myself, though, I do know it's not all my fault!
This week I've been to and from the hospital getting monitors, then checked in with my GP again ...
Roll on September when I get to see a proper cardio consultant!

Ho hum .. watch this space for my gain!!!!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Well I never!!!!!

It seems the last post I wrote was a little bit too near to the truth or was it tempting fate??? I'd had a lovely time with my father, gone to see the sea...  came home Friday night went to bed as normal but was awoken in the wee small hours of 19 April with a feeling that I had two doves fighting in my chest! I ended up in a&e having gone by ambulance to the hospital! I was released four days later! It seems I have AF.   Once again I can't fault the nurses or the doctors that were there, needless to say though, that there were not enough of them!!! It turns out that Easter weekend is NOT a good time to be in the hospital! It seems no doctors work over the Easter period!!!! As of today I feel okay though totally exhausted!!! Apparently the beta blockers do that to you! The doctors were pleased that I had lost so much weight, and said I should carry on doing the same thing!! And Thursday, I went for a health check at my doctors and it turns out I have a very very low risk of heart disease, the weight loss has helped this!  I wonder though what all this has done to my weight atm... bet it won't be the three stones tonight!!!!!  

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Oh my goodness ...

... after weigh in today I've got only two pounds left till I reach my 3 stone milestone .. and a milestone it is!   I was a half pound short of my 3 stone before I rushed into hospital in Oct 12! 
It's been a long time coming!!!! 
Might not achieve it this coming Tuesday but it will be mine REAL soon! 
Once again though, like the anniversary last October of me going into hospital, I'm slightly apprehensive about getting there ... weird I now, but ... well, we'll see!

Happy Days!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

How I feel!

Been thinking about this a lot just recently... And I've come to the conclusion... I'm well peeved off!!!  And shall I tell you why???  I'm peeved off cos I feel i'll never get back to how I was before I went into hospital! I feel like my stomach is always going to be painful and uncomfortable! I resent the fact that i'm never going to be able to do as much as I did before!  It just makes me sad!  Still, I suppose I just need to readjust the things I do, and learn to live with not being as well as I could be!  Chat again soon! 

Friday, 17 January 2014


Not been on here for a while ... had nothing good to say .... still haven't about me .. total, all round failure! But, Hubby had good news on Monday ... at SW, the bell rang .. he'd reached target! Whoo hoo! Well done him and well deserved too! He's worked hard and been diligent about his eating! Bless!  So while he's achieved, I've failed! failed at my art, failed at my weightloss, failed, failed, failed!!!
Not so happy days!