Monday, 1 October 2012

Sad Monday ...

Got up early to make my magic pancakes with red, white and blue fruit to take to Slimming World taster session which went down really well!

Said goodbye to The Littlies and pottered off in my bubbie car.
Glad to say I have lost this week though not as much as I'd hoped, but looking back on what I've had, it's no wonder!!!  .5 of a lb off!

Anyway group had nearly ended when one of our lovely target members wander off, to the toilet, we all thought .. but it turned out she was very poorly .. an ambulance was called and about 45 mins later a rapid response lady turned up and about 15 mins after that the ambulance!!! I really hope it wasn't another heart attack as those long mins waiting were terrible!  Wishing the lovely Doris all the best! It has really made me very sad though!

Lunch was mackerel and salad .. nice!  Does repeat though, which isn't so nice!  And a Muller Yogurt!

Busy evening here .. what with piano and evening courses!
Had to have a bowl of cereal when I got in .. wasn't too hungry before I left a 6:20 was starving by the time I got home at 9:28!!!

8626 steps.

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