Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wacked out ....

.. and all I did was walk to the post box 5 mins away! Took me about 20 mins today!
This morning ... after showering we changed all my dressings ...
The bloomin' big drain hole's still wet .. bumsie!

But lookie at my scar ....

Looking much flatter and less like a stuffed and trussed loin of pork!!! Tee hee!

Hope the nurse did manage to get all the staples out of my bottomless pit of a bellybutton, but who knows .. I didn't want to dig around there and will wait, I think, until the plug of blood drops out! Nice!!!!

Saw my best friend for coffee today .. she's so lovely and listens while I dribble on! Bless her! I really  enjoy her company ....

Looking at my meal plans today too .. this low fibre diet I need to follow for the next 6 weeks is really totally the opposite of the SW plan ... this is going to be hard!!!!

One thing I had forgotton ... how delicious creme caramel is!  Naughty me!


  1. that looks much better than the last picture x

    1. It does doesn't it Linda .... xxxxxxxxxx