Thursday, 11 October 2012

Duvet day ....

... yesterday evening I was beginning to feel a bit throaty ... This morning .. I feel RUBBISH!  Headache, sore throat, ear ache, eye ache, neck ache! Bummer!
So, sadly, no painting group for me today, might get a bit in presently though.
Anyway ... dragged myself up, two cups of coffee, alpen light bar and a banana for breakfast.
Watched TV, Paul Martin's programme Handmade revolution.
Then quick pop to the shops to get ingredients for Little Pink One's cookery tomorrow,
snacked on melon and grapes and had ham, egg and SW chips for lunch.
Chicken fajita's for tea for everyone .. I might have a jacket potato!
Big Blue One not here for the day ... had to go into the office!  So I had to make my own cups of tea/coffee all day!!!! LOL!

4244 steps today .. you can tell I'm not well!!!!!

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