Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday wanderings ...

.. Wandered into town this morning to meet two of my lovely friends from SW .. we had a good chat, I had a chai tea latte (9.5 syns .. but so yummy!) and we had big hugs all round .. Bliss!
I then went on a search for swimming trunks for Little Blue One as he's doing it in PE .. hard to find this time of year I can tell you ...
Lunch was a big green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, Tesco ready to eat chicken tikka, salad cream (1 syn).
Because it's so lovely out there us Biggies went for a lunch time walk ... 2.16 miles in the warm .. that was nice!
The Littlies home from school and I needed to pop Little Blue One to the doctors,  he's now on antibiotics!
Little Pink One decided to go to the fair with friends, so at 6:30 we meandered down to meet her and have a spot of tea in Surf & Turf .. I had plaice stuffed with prawns, new potatoes, broccoli and a side salad. I had half a slice of brown bread (1.5 syns) and tried two of Little Blue One's mussels (2 syns)!
A lovely evening all together ....

12583 steps.


  1. Lovely hugs,lovely chat ,lovely coffee with even lovelier company !!
    Did you get any trunks ? xx

  2. LOVELY! xxxx I did Linda .. at the sports place nr Sainsburys! x