Friday, 16 November 2012

Fry Day!

Went to see the nurse at the surgery again today .. had dressings changed ... told to come back Monday, but if anything hurts anymore to call after hours doc or go to A&E! Hmmh!
Dropped The Littlies off with their Dad via cambridge to see:

King's Parade, Street-side of King's College Chapel

If you could witness the creation of the universe, what might it be like?

Imagine a perfect, static grid of dots. Slowly, one dot moves. The dots around it shift. In what appears to be a chain reaction, the side of King’s College chapel is transformed into a pulsating and swaying collection of particles. The sound conjures electronic birds or spectral dust. Every 15-minutes, the projection repeats the progress from order to chaos, with alien sounds. But each sequence of sound and light is subtly different, generated by algorithmic computer code.

Plenum is inspired by scientific and religious accounts of how our world came into being and how the cosmos maintains life. The installation was created by artist Simeon Nelson with a real-time algorithmic image and sound by Nick Rothwell and Rob Godman.

King's College

Very interesting, slightly weird, but good!

Soft fish and chips for tea! Bit greasy and not at all SW.. but needs must!!!

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