Friday, 30 November 2012

Well that wasn't the news I'd hoped for!

My trip to see the consultant today didn't give me the news I wanted!
I'm, once again, in the minority by not healing as quickly as I should ...
He wants me to have a scan to see if everything is where it should be!!!  He thinks the pains I'm getting are from where the small intestine might be adhering to things it shouldn't (like my big intestine!) ..
Apparently he did take my large and my small intestine out and then push them back in!!!!
Seems funny to sit there talking to a man in a suit who'd had all my innards out on a table!!!!!  LOL!
So I'm to still take it easy, take my painkillers and wait for the scan and then go and see him re the results!  Could be happier!!!!

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