Sunday, 29 September 2013


Sometimes if you've got nothing to say ... then say it!

It's been quiet I suppose because mentally I feel down and physically I feel KNACKERED!!!

Still, on the positive front we've both lost these past few weeks .. though I doubt tomorrow will hold the same losses for us because, as we well know. it's been a naughty week ..  A sneaky chinese takeaway, a homemade yummilish chocolate cake, a humungus slice of carrot cake and a white roll!!!!  So we're both expecting a gain! Ho hum! It's out fault and we won't be surprised! (Actually I reckon it will be bigger for me as Big Blue One has done lots of bodymagic!)
Let's see shall weeeeeee...............


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Well ....

.... no surprises there for me .. a 1LB gain!  
Wonder where that came from ..NOT!
So, about 7 bars of chocolate over 2 days = 1lb on!!!  I REALLY REALLY expected it to be so much more!

This week's going to be much better!

Watch this space!

Happy Days! xxxxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Just sometimes ..

... I lay in bed and don't want to get up! I really hurt!!! I'm tired .. and I'm fed up and I wonder if it's worth it!  Then, when I do drag myself out of bed and spy my disfigured tummy in the mirror I feel a million times worse!!! Ho hum!
These days come and go like the seasons I suppose!
Really low days (rainy, cold, windy!)
Middle days (cold)
Happy days (bright, sunshiny, warm!)
They come, they go ... they don't always stay for too long!

I really want to love myself more!!!

The weight's a bit of an issue this week .. wonder what the scales will say!!!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Bit sad ...

... Stayed the same today .. It is star week though (but one still hopes!!!!) !

Hubby well chuffed .. Lost 2.5 and was Slimmer of the week!  He has been trying really hard this week so ... go him!!!!!!  
 Had a super tea tonight from the SW magazine ... Steak au poivre!  Cor it was yum!

Happy days! X