Monday, 8 October 2012


.... I really am .. I thought I'd had it in the bag ... but I didn't!
My three stone award has just moved 2lb further away!!!
I'd even chatted about it with Little Blue One last night and he'd said ... 'don't eat that cupcake you're getting your three stone tomorrow!!!'  ... But I didn't! ... So I did what any grown up wouldn't do .. I cried!  I cried because I really felt I'd let him down! .. And it hit me hard!
Anyway I put my smiley face on and got on with being pay lady .....
Quick chat at Image therapy and collected my SAS (slimmers against sabotage) log .. I need to fill it in every day, it's not just about the food I eat .. it's if I weigh it properly, syn it properly, plan it properly. It hi lights my weaknesses and generally, I hope, re-focuses me!!!

I got home, had lunch of left over SW quiches a SW scotch egg, salad and (measured) salad cream, then read this .. and it's always upset me that I didn't have many pics of me and my gorgeous Littlies .. so shed a tear over it!!!

Crying is really tiring!

The Littlies came home and what's the first thing Little Blue One asked me?????  'Well ~ Did you get it?'

Little Pink One called her BFF round to play as piano was cancelled ..
Same for tea as lunch apart from hard boiled egg instead of scotch egg!
I draged my tired body to my evening class and managed to stay awake for two hours and consumed a marshmallow, a wine gum and two squares of chocolate!
Back home, Littlies to bed, a sneaky Alpen Light Bar then bed!!!!!

6079 steps.

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