Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coffee .. Indoors!

Another chance for a walk into town but the weather forecast said  'No ~ you shall go in the car so as not to get soaked!'... so I did.  Met my lovely friend and had a nice, albeit a bit too strong for me, Americano in The Taproom .. 10:15 we met and a business man came in with us and had a pint of larger!! Blimey! That early in the morning!!!
Anyway I did park at the usual spot which allows for a bit of a walk and I did wander round the shops!
Lunch was tasty Batchelors Golden Rice, boiled egg, salad and ham! Tasty!
A quick dash out to get a couple of winter woolies then back home to help Little Blue One cook tea! Chicken Stir fry, chicken, peppers, noodles, spices and onions .. velly tasty!
Little Pink One had a go at putting a mermaid plait into my hair!

Never had one of those before!

5913 steps

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