Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thinking about it ....

... I looked back on this blog and realised that a few very naughty things had passed my lips this week so no wonder I'd gained!!!!
I could have said, truly to myself, that I'd stayed on plan.. and I had .. but I'd just added things I shouldn't have ... a chip here and there, an odd crisp, the licking of the spoons, little things that add a lot!!!!
So .. today's a new day ..
Up, cup of coffee, shower, Alpen Light bar (He) and a walk into town .. a skinny latte(3 syns) and a chat with my bestest, and a walk back home! .. 4 miles thank you very much!
Stick the whole chicken in the slow cooker for tonight as the evening may be a bit disjointed!
A nice lunch of SW BBQ wedges, Quorn escalopes (7.5 syns), and mixed vegetables. Banana and diet Pepsi.
Cup of tea and another Alpen Light bar (He)...
5:30 off to Circuits for the larger lady and then a walk around the Michaelmas Fair.... with the Littlies!


I did Circuits!  It hurt!!!!.....
But we didn't do the fair ... the Littlies decided against it ... so we just had tea!  Chicken, baked potato and peas followed by a Muller yogurt!  Nice!

14555 steps

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