Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lie in!!!!!!

Bit of a lie in this morning! Bliss! I do like the feeling of not having to get up and rush off somewhere or need to do anything!
Pottered about, ate nuts! .. and more nuts!!!  (not good!)
Went for a 2 mile walk to collect some new caches, and find some we couldn't find last time as it had got too dark! It was very windy out there though! But a nice walk along a jolly good path!  LOL!
I prepped the ingredients for tomorrow's Magic Pancakes, checked Little Pink One's ingredients for tomorrow and had a lovely cuppa while Big Blue One logged our finds!
We collected our Littlies then went on to the In-laws and had a jolly evening with them. Sausages, mash and greens .. followed by the most beautiful lemon roulade (goodness knows how many syns!)  then to boot, I popped a few Aero balls too!!! What am I like!  Wonder what the scales will say tomorrow (apart from ouch!!)

8372 Steps

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