Thursday, 28 February 2013

Going well so far ..

... I certainly feel more positive than I have for a while, the only downer being that on Tuesday I tried to see if I could go with out the painkillers .. I cant!!!! Ho hum!
Anyway it's all good on the SW food front .. filling up on bananas, pineapple and good things not the Turkish Delight chocolate, the McCoys crisps and the toasted hot cross buns with real butter I was eating!  I'm drinking water, diet pepsi and one 'treat' drink unlike the 4-5 treat drinks I was washing all my food down with!!!!
The evening meal had to be a Dominos pizza (the slow cooked ham wasn't ready!) .. so the others had that whilst I did a jacket potato, mixed veg and my He A 40g low fat cheese! Nice!
So roll on Monday and the SW scales!

Happy Days!xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to my lovely SW group...

It had to be done .... I was sat in bed this morning and suddenly thought I'm fed up with this pain ruling my life I want some control back, so, without further ado I got up, got dressed, put myself back in the car and went to group! A 8.5 lb gain, I'm cool with that because it's not bad seeing as I've been poorly since 19th October, had my intestines pulled out and shoved back in again, eaten lots of low fibre stuff (which really doesn't fill you up!!) and, because ''I'm poorly'' eaten chocolate!!!! I've not done any exercise or anything so in fact I'm well chuffed all ways! Thanks to all the Ladies there for my lovely welcome back with lots of hugs ... it was great to see how well everyone was doing...   Happy Days! xxxx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Upping the speed ...

.. on the walk this evening...
 1.1 miles and the average has gone to 25mins per mile! Hurrah! Last time it was 30 mins to walk a mile and now it's come down!  Well pleased!
Happy Days!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Cor! Windy or what!!!

Well that was a horrid experience .. enema, camera up bottom, home ...
Got to the hospital and taken to my room, changed into lovely hospital gown and laid down on my side for the enema "Try to keep it in for 10 mins" the nurse said ... well by about 8.5 mins I was sweating and quivering .. 10 mins that's it ... rush ta'loo!  Evacuate bowels!
Get rolled, on my bed, into procedure room, have the cannula inserted and the sedative added,  then off up my bottom goes my consultant with his camera, well not him up my bottom, but the camera!! ''Look on the screen'' he says, ''it's interesting'' ..but I'm too busy sucking on the gas and air like there's no tomorrow to even contemplate looking!! But, as well as the uncomfortableness of it all .. I'm well aware that my bottom's emitting a lot of wind!!!! Great! How charming!
Still, when I finally do look at the screen, it's just as he's pulling said camera out and I see my magnified, hairy bottom larger than life on the screen! Brilliant, that made me feel a million times better!!!! Tee hee!
So what with wind, hairy bottom and general indignities of stuff going on 'down below' it was a truly memorable day!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


... Just when I thought I'd turned a corner and was feeling a lot better .. BLAM! .. Along comes another pain .. right at the bottom of and to the right of my scar! Bummer!!!!
Off to hospital tomorrow for my exciting Flexible Sigmoidoscopy... something to look forward to .. NOT!

Happy Days!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ouh look at that ...

... this is great news ...
While doing my 'get slim, get fit, get a healthy lifestyle' campaign I had two aides to give me an idea of steps and distances .. 1st is my Fitbit pedometer .. which gives me my daily steps, how many times I've been up stairs how sedentary I've been .. and the second one, since I got my iPhone off my ex's wife, is the Nike+ app .. which tells you distance and pace and maps the route you've done ... (I know it's for runners but, I love the route mapping part of it!!!!)... anyway I've looked back and it's shown me how much more mobile I've become! Hurrah!   Here goes ... starting on the day before I rushed to hospital ..

~ Oct 18th ~ 9830 steps  18 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Nov 9th ~ 1068 steps   56.29 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Jan 26th ~ 2972 steps  38 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Feb 6th ~ 4244 steps  30 minutes to walk a mile!
These mile distances are the average,  Nike+ gives you the average pace you take when walking!
Interesting though ... I'm speeding up on my little outings with Hubby .. which is FAB!

Happy Days! xxxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sorry ..

.. not done much lately, but then I've not felt up to doing much .. the Tramadol painkillers all 8 of them per day are making me tired and lethargic!  I haven't been in the right frame of mind for doing anything .... Having said all that, this week I've turned a corner!  The painkillers have meant that I could move around more and in doing so, it seems, I've released my adhesions!!!  The pain's more of a nagging ache now .. WHICH IS GREAT!  Sooo fingers crossed I'm on the up!!!!
I've been out three times since Wednesday last week ... Coffee in town twice, painting group and into town for a visit to the bank, post office and Boots (compeed patches for my newly acquired cold sore!!).
Half term next week ....