Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Up with the larks ...

... this morning ~ a stubborn tickle in my throat woke me at 5!!!!  Still I managed to go back to sleep to be rudely awakened at 7:25 by my alarm!!!!  Sorted The Littlies out for school, then off in coat & gloves for a walk in the park .. It was bracing across there!!!!!  2 miles under our belts and back home for a warm coffee and cereal!
Home made pea and ham soup for lunch made with the stock and vegetables left from the slow cook ham last night .. just whizzed up with some extra peas added and some of the left over ham! Delish!
A quick catch up with a friend over coffee and the Littlies were home from school ...
Salmon risotto for tea

and another walk around the block taking Little Pink One's friend home!

10155 steps

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