Thursday, 20 September 2012

Who put that there?????....

....... Hotel Chocolat has a factory outlet shop in the next town! Awesome! I LOVE chocolate!!!!
But oh so naughty!  Tee hee!
Still the florantines are only 3 syns each!
A walk through town, window shopping was nice though something awful happened around lunch time. An out of control car took out two pedestrians around market square!
We, by then had gone off to check a cache out of town.
Bit of a pain getting a migraine ... could of done without that!!!  (hope it wasn't the chocolate!!!)
Still, Little Pink One was out at her BFF's house so the rest of us flew in a curry for tea...
Salmon tikka, plain boiled rice and a bit of a naan ... No one was up for cooking ... me with my banging head and the two male members of the family suffering with colds!
Did get another bit of a walk when we went to collect Little Pink One!
9972 steps

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