Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How unfit am I? ...

Very! But more about that later!
This morning was a trip into town for a coffee and a catch up with one of my lovely SW friends!
I parked at Riverside and walked into Goddie, then back via an antiques centre! 2.59 miles!

Back home for a lunch of Bresaola, rocket, parmesan and lemon juice! Nice!
This evening .. hmmh .. had a go at circuits for the larger lady .. ouh! my knees didn't like it much!
I nearly fell off the cross trainer Bridget Jones style after 5 mins!!!!
My face turned a horrid shade of red ... what a hoot!
Still, I'll be back next week!
Salmon tikka, boiled rice and salad waiting for me when I got home.

 11198 Steps

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