Monday, 13 May 2013

Really hate myself ...

... today I'm totally disgusted with myself .. had a good long think about it .. and I'm not happy!
This past week I have been real bad food wise, and am too embarrassed to even tell hubby about it!
I need to talk to my Little Pink One about it because it involves her .. and shall I tell you how!!!
Hidden, in my knicker drawer, is a partly eaten Leonidas chocolate hen. Little Pink One had bought it for her friend when they went with their Dad to Belgium in half term, only, she hadn't given it to her friend, she'd forgotton about it and I found it when I tidied her room.
I put it on her shelf and told her about it ... and there it sat, and it sat and it sat... I think she's forgotten about it again. Anyway, yesterday I was at a low, so I casually meandered upstairs, cut the bag open carefully as it was very noisy, and ate some of it!  Now, what makes this even worse is the fact that it's strong dark chocolate and I don't like strong dark chocolate, but I ate it anyway then felt sick! 
What kind of person does that???
ME .. a big fat out of control pig with no willpower whatsoever!
With that said .... I shall now go and eat some more .. because I'm unhappy!!!!!

There's just no helping some people!!!!

And now, to top it all off .. all the lovely ladies on FB are putting up all their fab losses!  Well done to all of them, so wish I could join them!! xxxxx

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