Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just sayin' ..

... eating three toffee crisps, though yummy, is not good!

Anyway ....
I was taking stock of everything that is going on directly in my circle of close family, then all my ripples outwards of friends and family .. and decided that there's a lot of $h*T going on .... and I thought maybe, directly or indirectly, I'm soaking everything negative up like a sponge and getting bigger!!! I am, and no doubt, always will be, an emotional eater .. I happy eat, I sad eat, I stress eat, you name it, I eat it!!!! And that's not good!
One thing I've yet to discover is how to get over this problem ... maybe I should turn into a hard bitch and not care ~ but that really isn't me!
Maybe I should just try to let things float on past me ~ but I try to help where I can! I need to halve everyone's upsets!
Maybe I should get rid of all the people with problems! Yeah, right!   Like I'd do that!!!! I love my family and friends (even the ones that no longer love me!)
So I really need to find me a fail safe mechanism to protect me from eating crud!
Maybe I've too much time on my hands to sit and think these deep thoughts!!!!
Maybe I should ...
Maybe I should .....
Maybe I should ........ WHAT!!!!!

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