Thursday, 2 May 2013


I got to thinking about my eating habits and last night wondered if I wasn't doing breakfast right ... Normally Hubby brings me a coffee and an Alpen Light bar in bed so I can take my first painkillers of the day ... then when I finally meander downstairs I might or might not have a banana or something else .. but of course, come lunch time, I'm really hungry ... I eat a good meal, then my stomach starts working, making horrid noises (Dr says that might be because my intestines have adhered to the underside of my abdomen!) and before you can say Jumpin' jacks I need to rush to the loo ....
So a change of tact this morning .... Coffee in bed ( I so need that to even know who I am and what on earth I'm doing!!) as usual ... then a tad later this proper breakfast ...

Berocca with my 3 tsp golden linseed (2.5 syns for a healthy gut!),  Cereal with semi skimmed milk (HE), Muller light yogurt, and a banana plus my painkillers ... let's see how the day pans out!

Lunch ... Mini quiches, big green salad and Heinz 70% Salad cream (2 syns) and a big glass of water ...

Not sure if I'm drinking enough!
Rushing round this afternoon .. helping Little Blue One do his paper round, pick Little Pink One up from an after school samba rehersal, taking my friend to the hairdressers ... all go here!

Tea was the SW 'KFC' chicken with SW chips, well cubes! ... I forgot to take a pic before I started ... here's one part way through!

Whilst I had the smash etc out for the chicken I also knocked up the smash cheeses scones for lunch tomorrow! Yum!

The only extra syns were whilst watching Master Chef and all the yummy food ... I had a Philadelphia chocolate dunker at 8.5 syns!

Interesting ... I managed the whole day without actually feeling like I needed nibbles because I was hungry .. obviously eating proper meals really does keep you going!

Happy Days! xxx

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