Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another one down ...

... hurrah!
Another pound off this week .. not quite the three I was hoping for, but a loss is a loss ... is it not!!!  ??????????????????????????????
I was a bit upset, for the first time, by Hubby's reaction! 
"Is that all?"  
Now, I'd have expected it from first hubby, but not this one!!! Bit sad really!

Still, had a lovely chat with some of my gorgeous SW friends over a cup of coffee this morning ... always lovely, with lots of hugs thrown in too! As usual we put the world to rights! LOL!

Might get a spot of body magic in later .. with Little Blue One's paper round .. which I will need as a couple of Freddo's jumped into my mouth, just after toffee crisps!!!! (emotional eating at it's finest!!)
Why is it men spend time looking at pop stars and models and the like? Makes one feel well fat and ugly!

Happy days (sort of!)


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