Thursday, 7 March 2013

What a difference a day makes....

... My Dad was rushed into hospital Tuesday .. a suspected heart attack ... he's still there now though the hospital think he's only got a major chest and bladder infection (fingers crossed that's all it is!) though we need to wait until the infection has cleared before they'll do an angiogram to make sure it wasn't his heart ~ going in via his wrist because of his aneurysm. Get well soon Dad ~ I love you! xxx
Well what did I do???
Turned to chocolate! Ate so much I was sick!! Now that's not going to help anyone is it!! Why oh why do I do it! Two days now I've been eating out of control! Stress is rubbish when it comes to food consumption!  Goodness knows how many syns I've consumed these past two days...
Roll on Dad coming out of hospital! xxxx

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