Thursday, 28 March 2013

Got rid of some of my excess weight!!!

By having my hair cut .. It needed drastic action as my illness and stress seemed to have turned my hair to straw!!!  (Not what I really wanted, but, needs must!!!)

Not much I can do about my sore dry eye patches .. apart from moisturise them (I think!).

 My mouth ulcers are being rinsed with Corsodyl daily and my teeth, well, they're just being brushed carefully!

I do hope everything settles down soon ... Fed!!!

Last night did a 1.2 mile walk average of 23 mins for a mile! Not too bad ...

Still feel a bit like an ostrich ... Head in sand and all that as regards to SW and healthy eating .. Kind of in the mode of 'if I don't know the syns of what I'm eating, then there aren't any'!!!!!  NOT GOOD!

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