Monday, 25 March 2013

Now tell me .. how do you feel?

.. Rubbish!
This is terrible at the moment ... I really cannot get my head around healthy eating ..
My body's falling to bits and I'm incredibly unhappy ...
Now, I know there are loads of people far worse off than me and I'm very lucky that my wonderful Hubby, Children, In-laws and Dad are very supportive and caring .. but, I'm so low!
I've a mouth full of ulcers, my eye's have gone dry, red and puffy, my teeth hurt, my hairs turned to straw ... I still need my painkillers and last weeks weight gain really was a blow!
Needless to say I'm here tippy tapping on my keyboard rather than attending SW .. I just can't face it!
Why oh why can't I do this?!?!?
I've planned all the meals for the week again .. not got any chocolate (apart from two eggs for my Littlies!) .. not picked up any sweets ... let's hope it works for me this week ..

My Dad's at the oncology department this morning so am waiting on his call, and I'm about to walk to my hairdressers to see what we can do about my hair!
It's another week ....
Let's hit it!

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