Thursday, 28 February 2013

Going well so far ..

... I certainly feel more positive than I have for a while, the only downer being that on Tuesday I tried to see if I could go with out the painkillers .. I cant!!!! Ho hum!
Anyway it's all good on the SW food front .. filling up on bananas, pineapple and good things not the Turkish Delight chocolate, the McCoys crisps and the toasted hot cross buns with real butter I was eating!  I'm drinking water, diet pepsi and one 'treat' drink unlike the 4-5 treat drinks I was washing all my food down with!!!!
The evening meal had to be a Dominos pizza (the slow cooked ham wasn't ready!) .. so the others had that whilst I did a jacket potato, mixed veg and my He A 40g low fat cheese! Nice!
So roll on Monday and the SW scales!

Happy Days!xx

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