Friday, 15 February 2013

Cor! Windy or what!!!

Well that was a horrid experience .. enema, camera up bottom, home ...
Got to the hospital and taken to my room, changed into lovely hospital gown and laid down on my side for the enema "Try to keep it in for 10 mins" the nurse said ... well by about 8.5 mins I was sweating and quivering .. 10 mins that's it ... rush ta'loo!  Evacuate bowels!
Get rolled, on my bed, into procedure room, have the cannula inserted and the sedative added,  then off up my bottom goes my consultant with his camera, well not him up my bottom, but the camera!! ''Look on the screen'' he says, ''it's interesting'' ..but I'm too busy sucking on the gas and air like there's no tomorrow to even contemplate looking!! But, as well as the uncomfortableness of it all .. I'm well aware that my bottom's emitting a lot of wind!!!! Great! How charming!
Still, when I finally do look at the screen, it's just as he's pulling said camera out and I see my magnified, hairy bottom larger than life on the screen! Brilliant, that made me feel a million times better!!!! Tee hee!
So what with wind, hairy bottom and general indignities of stuff going on 'down below' it was a truly memorable day!!!

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