Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to my lovely SW group...

It had to be done .... I was sat in bed this morning and suddenly thought I'm fed up with this pain ruling my life I want some control back, so, without further ado I got up, got dressed, put myself back in the car and went to group! A 8.5 lb gain, I'm cool with that because it's not bad seeing as I've been poorly since 19th October, had my intestines pulled out and shoved back in again, eaten lots of low fibre stuff (which really doesn't fill you up!!) and, because ''I'm poorly'' eaten chocolate!!!! I've not done any exercise or anything so in fact I'm well chuffed all ways! Thanks to all the Ladies there for my lovely welcome back with lots of hugs ... it was great to see how well everyone was doing...   Happy Days! xxxx

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