Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ouh look at that ...

... this is great news ...
While doing my 'get slim, get fit, get a healthy lifestyle' campaign I had two aides to give me an idea of steps and distances .. 1st is my Fitbit pedometer .. which gives me my daily steps, how many times I've been up stairs how sedentary I've been .. and the second one, since I got my iPhone off my ex's wife, is the Nike+ app .. which tells you distance and pace and maps the route you've done ... (I know it's for runners but, I love the route mapping part of it!!!!)... anyway I've looked back and it's shown me how much more mobile I've become! Hurrah!   Here goes ... starting on the day before I rushed to hospital ..

~ Oct 18th ~ 9830 steps  18 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Nov 9th ~ 1068 steps   56.29 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Jan 26th ~ 2972 steps  38 minutes to walk a mile.
~ Feb 6th ~ 4244 steps  30 minutes to walk a mile!
These mile distances are the average,  Nike+ gives you the average pace you take when walking!
Interesting though ... I'm speeding up on my little outings with Hubby .. which is FAB!

Happy Days! xxxx

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