Monday, 28 April 2014

Well I never!!!!!

It seems the last post I wrote was a little bit too near to the truth or was it tempting fate??? I'd had a lovely time with my father, gone to see the sea...  came home Friday night went to bed as normal but was awoken in the wee small hours of 19 April with a feeling that I had two doves fighting in my chest! I ended up in a&e having gone by ambulance to the hospital! I was released four days later! It seems I have AF.   Once again I can't fault the nurses or the doctors that were there, needless to say though, that there were not enough of them!!! It turns out that Easter weekend is NOT a good time to be in the hospital! It seems no doctors work over the Easter period!!!! As of today I feel okay though totally exhausted!!! Apparently the beta blockers do that to you! The doctors were pleased that I had lost so much weight, and said I should carry on doing the same thing!! And Thursday, I went for a health check at my doctors and it turns out I have a very very low risk of heart disease, the weight loss has helped this!  I wonder though what all this has done to my weight atm... bet it won't be the three stones tonight!!!!!  

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